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Travian Review

By BwwDtt | 21 November 2019
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Travian is a browser real-time strategy MMO game, developed by Travian Games GmbH in 2004.

  • Colourful antique setting
  • Immersive game mechanics
  • Social-based game
  • Elaborate strategy aspect of the game

Travian Gameplay

Travian is a classic real-time strategy game based on social interactions. One of the main features of this game is the community. It means that single players can't build an authoritative settlement and defend it. The gameplay divided into cycles called Rounds. Each Round lasts at least 200 days, and after that, all the progress resets to zero. It allows to keep players interested in the game and challenging them to beat rivals undefeated in the last round.

There are three playable tribes in the game, the Romans, the Gauls and the Teutons. One of them should be chosen during the creation of the account. The tribes differ with various abilities, exclusive for each one. The side could be selected only once.

Romans — The ability to upgrade resource fields and buildings at the same time; powerful troops; low-capacity merchants.
Gauls — Fast units: quick merchants and troops with high defence.
Teutons — The cheap troops with low damage and advanced merchants.

One of the essential parts of the Travian game is resource fields. Every action, such as building creation or recruiting of the troops, requires a fixed amount of various resources. For example, the Romanian soldiers need to have an iron for their armour; otherwise, the recruit function would be unavailable. The fields are also necessary for the developing of the village. In addition to standard methods, there is another way to obtain the required materials; first of all, your troops could raid the besieged villages to plunder resources.

Travian Villages

Each player starts with a single base village. It's divided into two parts, the village centre with the fields outside it. The main buildings, such as warehouses, granaries, barracks, workshop, stable, palace and treasure chamber placed at the heart of the city.

Development of the village takes a lot of time, clay and wood to construct, but it's worth it. The prosperous settlement attracts more citizens to live inside the city walls, and it increases the population. Remember that the more people live in your village, the more crops will be needed to feed them. It's also possible to expand the territory of the town by the foundation of the new city or by conquering the settlements of other players.

The village always needs to be protected from the attacks of other players. To provide sufficient protection, the players could train soldiers. Troops divide into different types, all with different specialities. For example, Travian allows players to recruit scouts and spy on enemies or strong infantry that can defend the city walls from physical attacks.

In Travian, it's impossible to create a mighty settlement alone. The players can use shared accounts to rule one village together or join the alliance and cooperate with other cities. The game has an alliance chat that allows talking with other members. Different associations can also form a military agreement or declare war to each other. The most active alliances are recruiting players from different time zones to provide permanent protection of the settlements.

Travian is a perfect game for casual players who like strategies and social-based games; it has lovely graphics, unique setting and lots of interesting mechanics. It's also suitable for players with weak PCs.