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Unlimited Ninja Review

By BwwDtt | 03 April 2020
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Unlimited Ninja is a browser MMO game in the setting of Naruto anime series.

  • Rich storyline based on the original plot
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Many PvP-oriented mods
  • Automatic gameplay features

Unlimited Ninja Gameplay

Unlimited Ninja is an MMORPG in the Naruto universe which features the heroes from original series, authentic quests, and immersive social activities. In this game, your goal is to gather up a team of the strongest ninjas and fight with AI-controlled enemies or other players.

In addition to the main character, you will have an opportunity to control a team of high-skilled ninjas from all lands and hidden villages; even more, your squad can consist of the terrifying villains, mighty goddesses and Kages of all epochs. The battle system has a specific feature called Ninja Bond: when you gather up an iconic pair of heroes, you improve their efficiency. For example, if you choose to send Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura into battle together, it will make a bond called Team 7 with increased attack rate. This feature would please the fans of the series who likes to see their favourites in action.

The choice of ninjas influences not only on their canonical representation but also on their battle rating. It’s a vital rate for all PvP and multiplayer modes because all battles in Unlimited Ninja are automatic. The result of the combat usually predetermined, because poorly equipped fighters hardly can deal at least a little damage to the ideally balanced group.
Your chances to win are composed of your level, levels of the mercenaries, development of the additional techniques and efficiency of applied bonuses. Moreover, you can increase your power by joining the guild.

The critical factor of the success in battle is a correct formation. Before you start the game, you will have to arrange your allies in the right order, apply all the necessary buffs, and decide on the primary skill to choose. You can check the battle rate of the squad at the same stage and rebalance if needed. Some combinations of average fighters are incredibly powerful, while strong ninjas perform not so much good in random order. Still, you always can test the squad before serious competitions.

Guild system and other social features are a vital part of the Unlimited Ninja gameplay: it’s much more pleasant to play with your friends, and it also provides exclusive bonuses. These mechanics will appear in gameplay much earlier than you develop enough to find the guild. At the very beginning of the game, you will have to join one of the clans — the Uchiha, Uzumaki, or Senju. They have no difference in stats, but you can join the guilds and play with people only from the same clan as yours. Usually, you will receive a recommendation to select the side with the least amount of participants, because it’s necessary to keep the in-game balance. If you follow the advice, you will receive a special novice gift.

Unlimited Ninja Classes

Before you start your adventure in Naruto world, you will have to create a playable character. There are three gender-locked classes which are based on three techniques. The first one is Genjutsu, an art of illusion and mental control; second is Ninjutsu, a kind of a superpower driven by inner energy; finally, a Taijutsu, which is the closest to classic martial arts. They are ranged by the impact on the real world: while Genjutsu influences only on enemy’s mind, Taijutsu is all about physical contact. Consequently, different techniques require different kinds of resources: Chakra, Force, and Power.