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Uptasia Review

By BwwDtt | 13 January 2020
Average: 6 (2 votes)

Uptasia is a browser strategy game in the genre of farm simulator and hidden objects.

  • Simple and immersive gameplay
  • Lots of different buildings
  • Various exciting quests
  • Pleasant soundtrack and graphics

Uptasia Gameplay

This project is somewhat unusual as it combines two normally non-combinable genres, the economic strategy and the hidden objects. The events of the Uptasia takes place in the XIX century. Some assisting characters will tell you about the game world, the conception of the gameplay, the basic mechanics of the projects, and explain your main goal. These heroes also will provide you with some interesting historical background. The game has no particular storyline, and there is no need for it because the gameplay of Uptasia is focused on the primary activities — building, searching for hidden objects and base development.

When you enter the game for the very first time, you find out your playable character in a small empty area, where you have to build an entire settlement. You have only starting buildings and some decorative plants available at this step; the profits received during this stage will not be enough to buy something new. The main feature is that players cannot spend the proceeds to purchase new buildings; the structures are locked, and the land is too small to construct something else. So, here comes the search of the hidden objects. In the mode of the hidden objects on Uptasia, the player goes into the virtual dwelling that has a vast size. Inside of it, you can complete various tasks related to finding objects placed on the screen.

In Uptasia, our hero will have to build not only industrial constructions (the ones where you can produce resources and search for objects), but also ordinary residential buildings for new colonists. With an increase in the number of inhabitants, their fastidiousness towards settlement will increase too. For example, they will need luxury items, the new stores with the most fashionable goods, and more delicious food. After reaching a certain level, you will open the function of interaction with other players. Using this feature, you can trade your production and compete with your neighbours.

Summing up, the game is pretty well-balanced. It has no significant disadvantages, except for minor flaws, which are perceived more like specific features. It's an excellent game in the genre of management simulator, and it also has different outstanding mechanics, which makes Uptasia unique.