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UrbanDead Review

By BwwDtt | 29 November 2019
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UrbanDead is a text-based browser MMORPG in post-apocalyptic zombie setting, developed by Kevan Davis in 2005.

  • Simple, enjoyable gameplay
  • Lots of classes to play
  • Dynamic gameplay for a zombie character
  • Casual and newbie-friendly game

UrbanDead Gameplay

The gameplay of UrbanDead is pretty simple: you can choose one of two sides, and play for Zombies or Survivors. The human roles divided into three classes, Military, Scientist and Civilian. Zombies have no stratification, but the high-levelled monsters move faster than others and cause severe damage.

The game has some exciting game mechanics that improve the gameplay. For example, playing for healer roles, you can revive fallen teammates that became zombies. There is also an opportunity to communicate with other players: you can use in-game speech, texting, radio broadcasting and graffiti. However, high-level zombies can communicate with each other too: they can use a zombie speech, noises and gestures.

The game offers two goals for players: the zombie team should successfully clear the map from survivors, and the survived ones have to revive or kill all undead. Action Points limit all actions; if you're out of moves, you have to wait until the recharge. Be careful because your character is helpless; you can't move into a safe place or defend.

When players perform various actions, they gain experience points. It opens access to skills, different for survivors and zombies.

UrbanDead Classes

The classes in UrbanDead divided into functional categories, with different skills and bonuses for each one.


Characters with this class have the privilege of buying military skills. They also have a fee for purchasing scientific skills.

  • Private — these heroes start with a pistol with two clips and basic firearms training skills. As the lore of the game says, Privates sent on a reconnaissance mission. Their mission is to cooperate with other military units and protect the survivors. This class gains XP points faster than others, but they always need equipment and ammunition, that can be found only in dangerous zones, such as malls or police departments.
  • Medic — a basic healer class that starts with first aid kit and pistol. The background of this class says that all Medics airdropped into the quarantine area with the military units to assist them and help the survivors. It's one of the weakest roles, but at the same time, they have incredible healing abilities.
  • Scout — a class of characters that airdropped to quarantine zone to scout for other military units. Their task is to check the buildings, find survivors and gather equipment. Scouts can move trough barricades and zombie hordes, that makes them the best class for stealth or resource gathering. These characters start the game with a flare gun and binoculars.


In the Urban Dead, scientists have privileges for buying science skills. These characters also have the advanced ability to revive players, help and support teammates.

  • NecroTech Lab Assistant — the workers of NecroTech laboratory, that start the game with DNA Extractor and Book. These characters have unique abilities to 'tag' zombies, and the revive ability costs less for them. As the lore of the UrbanDead says, Assistants were left in the quarantine zone by their company.
  • Doctor — the best healing class in the game. They were workers at the hospital, who treated the wounded during the evacuation. After a time, the evacuation tracks stopped coming to the quarantine area. Now Doctors are supporting teams of survivors. These characters enter the game with two first aid kits and Diagnosis skill.


Civilians are ordinary people who decided to stay in the danger zone and confront the undead. They have no privileges for buying skills; at the same time, it means that they don't have fees for abilities that don't belong to their speciality.

  • Cop — law enforcement who start the game with Pistol, Flak Jacket and Radio in the inventory. The Cops are left in the city to help military forces with the evacuation. They have significant damage rate and earn XP points fast.
  • Firefighter — characters of this class are firefighters who are stuck at the fire station because they have not had time to evacuate. They have unique equipment and abilities: Firefighters can use their axe to fight with enemies. They also have a radio, that allows listening to the broadcasts of other players since the very beginning.
  • Consumer — one of the hardest classes to play. They have no fighting skills because they're usual civilians. At the same time, they don't have abilities to fight back, and the Consumers needs to collect resources in dangerous places and continuously be in sight of the enemy.


The Zombies have only one class called Corpse; they can learn different skills and play roles they want. You can also start as Survivor to get some preferences after you infected. For example, you can enter the game as Cop, and your Zombie character will have a nice flak jacket, which complicates the battle for survivors.