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Valiance Online Review

By Lissabonfox | 20 March 2020
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Valiance Online is an MMORPG about superheroes developed by SilverHelm Studios LLC in 2020.

  • Character customization
  • Classless playstyle
  • Open world
  • Controller support

Valiance Online Gameplay

In Valiance Online players are offered an opportunity to become a superhero of 22nd century that protects the fictional city of Sun Cielo city from enemies or a villain who goes on a path of destruction and evil. There are numerous questlines available for both fractions.

One of the main features of this MMORPG is a set of tools, which was created by developers in order to give players an opportunity to come up with their own quests and locations. Right now there are more than 20 available realms with unique design in the game. Players determine how the world around them would change in the future.

Character creation is essential in Valiance Online. Players are presented with a fully customizable character interface, hundreds of clothing choices, builds and postures. Skills are also allowed to be changed and set up as the player wishes because the game supports a classless combat system, although class hybrid archetypes can be made. There are more than 90 usable skills available. Player-created content would also feature costumes, skill sets and character customization variants.

Players of this MMORPG are able to choose their superheroic method of movement, whether it would be super-sonic running speed, flying or extreme acrobatics with swinging. The environment of the game is designed for that.

Valiance Online is mostly a PvP oriented game. Two fractions, heroes and villains, are on warfare against each other, they take part in mass combats, arena competitions, battlegrounds and complete questlines, made especially for both. Each one of the fractions has unique storylines and quests that grant exclusive prizes and loot for levelling.

Superheroic MMORPG also provides dungeons and mass raids. Players are able to team up to fight against hordes of mobs and defeat big bosses. These kinds of trials grant vast amounts of unique loot that can be used for crafting, selling on the market or used by the players themselves.

Valiance Online is fully player-oriented. Players decide how the world and the story change, they are in charge of the new content, and they control the material that is already available. There is an all-purpose store in the game where variable items, created by other players, can be purchased to support them.

Valiance Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 11.0
  • CPU: QuadCore 3,0 GHz
  • File Size: 24 GB
  • OS: Windows, macOS, Linux