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By BwwDtt | 07 July 2020
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Vallhall is a Medieval Battle Royale game developed by Blackrose Arts.

  • Dynamic Weather and Lightning System
  • Massive Map with all Four Seasons
  • Skill-based Melee Combat System
  • Customizable Gameplay

Vallhall Gameplay

Vallhall tells a story about a Ragnarok in the Viking world; the players have a short period to prevent the end of all worlds by completing a dangerous mission. You must obtain the Sword of Odin to wield and battle for the safety of the realm. The player controls the playable character, which is one of a few survivors of Odin’s army, and it arrives on the island with other players to fight until there is only one left to pick up the sword and save the universe.

The primary game mode of Vallhall is Battle Royale, and it allows up to fifty players to simultaneously explore the island that consists of four different climate zones and a massive arena in the centre of it. The playable area slowly shrinks from all sides to the middle to force the players to move there and encounter other survivors. The sides of the map are destroyed over time to show the players the result of world-ending Ragnarok. However, Battle Royale is not the only available game mode, and the game also features Wield Mjolnir and Siege. The first one places an ultimate weapon on the map for the players to compete to wield it and bring it to a specific point on the map. The second one divides the players into two teams to protect a fortress and attack it from the outside simultaneously.

Vallhall features the immersive parkour system, and the players can use the environment to get an advantage in combat against other players. You can climb different kinds of obstacles to hide and ambush the enemies or to dodge deadly attacks and survive. The game also offers both first-person and third-person cameras to the players to use, and it also has an included system to remove the imbalance between both variations. You are free to switch cameras at any point of the game, and that allows you to interact with the environment more efficiently.

Vallhall is a hack-and-slash game with real-time combat systems, and after arriving in the map, you can use bare fists to attack the opponents or explore the map to find a weapon to use. The game provides the players with a large number of unique melee tools to crush the opponents, and it includes axes, swords, shields, spears and many others. It focuses on melee combat; therefore, you need to learn how to parry or dodge enemy attacks with each kind of weapons you can find. Vallhall introduces a unique combat system that allows the players to guide their attacks with the mouse movements, and different buttons enable them to perform various types of attacks.

Vallhall introduces Radius Voice Chat system to allow the players to talk to their opponents that are nearby using a microphone, and that adds even more depth into each battle. You may encounter a single Viking anywhere around the map; however, massive-scale fights also happen regularly in each match. Real-time collision system focuses on making the in-game physics as realistic as possible, and each object or item may hurt playable characters by colliding with its model.

Vallhall fits both casual and hardcore lovers of the genre, and it focuses on the famous Viking setting to make the game a genuinely epic experience for everyone. It allows the players to interact with each other in various ways, and you can create your unique playable character using the in-game customization system. Players can become friends through the game to experience matchmaking in different modes together as well.