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Vampire Empire Review

By BwwDtt | 26 November 2019
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Vampire Empire is a strategy browser MMO game in pseudo-historical gothic setting, developed and published by R2 Games in 2019.

  • Beautiful and colorful visuals
  • Real-time battles
  • Realistic resource management
  • Gloomy horror atmosphere

Vampire Empire Gameplay

Vampire Empire is an MMO game with classic strategy gameplay and realistic resource management mechanics. Your goal in this game is to develop the most influential empire with the most extensive territory and a great army. The game has several core mechanics, such as resource management, city building, troop recruiting and moreover. All of the features will explain to the player during tutorial quests, right at the beginning of the game.

The action starts at the same moment as you enter the game. There is no long backstories or cinematics; background and lore explained literally in two sentences by your beautiful assistant. After that, the tutorial quests will start. During these missions, you will learn how to recruit troops, defend the city walls, create and upgrade various useful buildings. After that, you can start completing the story or daily quests.

Daily quests are necessary to complete because it provides additional resources and upgrades. You can also get free VIP points for completing this challenge.

Since the resources are limited, you have to choose the buildings and upgrades wisely. It might be useful to learn about all of the structures before you create one of them because the place on the map is limited too. You can choose one of three ways of the gameplay:
The Balanced, where you follow the questline until the end of the game and develop the buildings equally;
The Economical, where you focus on resource production;
The Military, where you recruit as many troops as you can and then plunder the resources of your enemies.

Battle System

After you built the city and developed to level 6, the defensive shield around your empire will disappear. To prevent the plundering of your domains, you can recruit troops and gargoyles. There are four types of defenders: Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Siege. All of them have different skills and used for various purposes, as their names imply. Only Infantry and Archer will be enough to protect your kingdom because these troops are complementing each other. Infantrymen have high HP and Defence so that they can tank the enemy forces while powerful Archers are attacking foes from a distance. They also use fewer resources than other types of troops. Cavalry and Siege are quite expensive, and you need it only to besiege other towns.

Another type of defenders is Gargoyles. It's your combat pet that frightens your enemies and adorns your castle. Gargoyles are pricey, but they are helpful and powerful. You can upgrade them, and its influences on the level of bonuses provided by your pet. For example, one mighty gargoyle can increase the speed of gathering and production in your empire, fasten the researches and power up the troops. Also, these creatures know some useful battle skills, so that you can leave the protection of the city on it.

If you just started the game, it will be useful to join the Alliance. It's the association of several people that have common interests. Usually, they protect neighbouring territories and support new allies.

The Vampire Empire also has some PvP activities. You can fight for a throne of the king, or conquer the areas of other players. The World Map helps to find the opponents and see the information about them.

Who is it For?

Vampire Empire is an excellent strategy browser game, with a simple plot and realistic mechanics. It has lots of various features, so this game is suitable not only for fans of SLG but for casual players too.