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Victor Vran Review

By BwwDtt | 13 June 2021
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Victor Vran is an isometric action RPG about the adventures of a famous vampire hunter

  • Good humour
  • Advanced hero development system
  • Interesting storyline
  • Excellent combat system
  • Cooperative mode

Victor Vran Gameplay

Victor Vran is a top-down action / RPG adventure game in a gothic fantasy style, much like the genre's ancestor, Diablo. The game was developed by Haemimont Games and published by EuroVideo Medien. The project was released in 2015.
In the story, the player will play the role of Victor Vran - a famous hunter for vampires and other evil spirits. According to the plot, the player arrives in the fantasy city of Zagoravia, to help its inhabitants fight off a demon infestation of unknown origin. He has to reveal the reasons for the appearance of wickedness and stop its further spread.

The gameplay of Victor Vran is similar in many respects to other diabloids and is a linear passage of procedurally-generated dungeons against hordes of various opponents. During the passage of the levels, the player will have to perform certain tasks and goals. Sometimes on his way, there will be puzzles that require good ingenuity.

Combat system

The combat system of Victor Vran combines action RPG elements and reaction-based moves which allow the player to dodge attacks and avoid damage. In many ways, the slasher mechanics bring the necessary dynamics to the game and make the battles much more interesting. The player is given as many as 7 types of weapons to choose from, each of which has its abilities. Each has a primary, alternate, and special attack. With a hammer, for example, the hero can soar into the air and deliver a powerful AoE strike, and with an electric gun, he can launch fireballs. The combat system in many ways encourages the combination of techniques of various types of weapons. The Overdrive mechanic deserves a separate word. This feature allows you to accumulate a special rage scale during the battle, which is subsequently spent on activated abilities that give demon powers.

Storyline and side quests

The player will plunge into a unique fantasy story about a vampire hunter. In addition to the main storyline, the game has prepared enough side quests in the form of peculiar challenges, such as finding all the secrets of the level or killing a certain type of creature with a certain weapon a certain number of times.

Victor Vran Storyline and side quests
Completing various tasks is encouraged by additional rewards in the form of gold, experience and treasure chests.

Atmosphere and locations

Throughout the entire playthrough, Victor Vran will keep the player in a gloomy atmosphere, which the developers have managed to achieve with the help of picturesque and detailed locations. Each of the levels is unique in its way and has its own characteristics and secrets. The fullness of the atmosphere is achieved thanks to the perfectly fitting soundtrack.


As befits games of this genre, in Victor Vran, the player will encounter many different types of enemies. For each type of enemy, their own behaviour, attacks and unique techniques were thought out. The AI ​​of mobs is well developed, which at times can cause problems for inexperienced players, especially at high difficulty levels.

Victor Vran Opponents
Of course, there are boss battles in the game, the passage of which will require ingenuity and strategy.

Victor Vran is an excellent Diablo-like project that will appeal to all fans of this genre. The game is also recommended for all fans of titles such as The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Grim Dawn.

Victor Vran System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 4000 or higher, Intel HD 4000 or higher (min. 512 MB VRAM)
  • CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • File Size: 4 GB available space
  • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 560 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 5800 or higher
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz Quad Core CPU
  • File Size: 4 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit)