Viking co-operative Survival game Valheim will be released in February

Valheim Viking co-operative Survival game Release February 2, 2021

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Iron Gate Studio revealed the release date of the survival simulator Valheim. The game will be available in early access on February 2, 2021, and will be available for purchase on Steam. At this point, the team plans to release regular updates, adding biomes, enemies, bosses, and more.

Valheim offers a vast procedurally generated world where players have to explore dense forests, snow-capped mountain ranges and mystical meadows. The combat system is based on evasion and blocking, and includes a wide range of weapons to battle mythic and legendary bosses. You can play alone or with up to nine friends. In addition to other features, the game offers a flexible system for building houses and bases, intuitive item crafting and shipbuilding, and dedicated servers.

A full Valheim release is expected in about a year. However, depending on the feedback and the amount of content the developers decide to add to the final version, the early access phase could be delayed.

In hardcore MMO game Valheim you play the role of a Viking who lives in Valheim, the 10th world in Scandinavian mythology. In this game, players not only have to build their household but also fight numerous monsters. It will allow to earn the trust of gods and end up in Valhalla after death. You can also travel by Drakkars, build outposts, castles, look for food, and get loot. The world here is randomly generated, and it's also possible to play with friends.