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Vikings: War of Clans Review

By BwwDtt | 23 December 2019
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Vikings: War of Clans is a free-to-play browser MMO strategy, featuring the Scandinavian setting and unique Norse mythology.

  • A vast number of social-based activities
  • Many game modes
  • The unique setting and picturesque visual style
  • Dynamic gameplay and exciting colossal battles

Vikings: War of Clans Gameplay

Vikings: War of Clans is a military and economic strategy with classic gameplay mechanics and elements of RPG. It features the resource management, building and development of the city, recruiting of the troops, and massive battles with other players. This game has a unique feature called Hero — a virtual representation of the player; the ruler of the city and leader of the troops at the same time. The playable character can participate in battles, train new skills, and create the equipment for it.

The main goal of each player in Vikings: War of Clans is to conquer a specific area on the map, called Place of Power, and capture it as long as it is possible. Another goal for the major alliances is to get to the top of cross-server global battles. As long as the game provides a numerous amount of combat modes, it also has a wide range of various tournaments, ranks and ladders. Players can choose to conquer with other settlers on the same map as they are, or involve into cross-kingdom PvP. But do not rush to start the development right after you started the game. First of all, you have to examine your kingdom. If there are high-level players near you, then it might be wise to change the location of your settlement or cooperate with them and negotiate an alliance. A beginner up to level 5 can change the situation of the domain once. Otherwise, you will always be facing constant and unfair attacks. It is much better to develop among beginners with the same skill as yours.

One of the essential features of Vikings: War of Clans is a clan system. It is a fully team-based game in which a single player is unlikely to succeed, so most of the players unite into clans. You can buy a special shield protecting your castle from attacks, but you will not be able to hide forever, so you have to join a clan one day if you want to succeed. This system provides a hierarchy from a private to a chief of the commune, exclusive in-game shop, resource trading, a unique automatic feature of help to other clan members, group attacks and assaults, and communication between players. Players can team up into large groups of 125 persons to fight in battles together, involve in clan competitions, capture strategic places and moreover. The leaders of clans often develop unique strategies of politics and cooperation with other players, which is not based on the existing game mechanics. Vikings can spy on each other, negotiate non-aggression or form military alliances — it all depends on the imagination of the players.

The combat system in Vikings: War of Clans is one of the most exciting features of the game. Players can hire many troops with different abilities and stats, for example, infantry, cavalry, archers, siege weapons and many other units. Each type of military forces specializes in the battle with specific opponents. Therefore archers will trounce cavalry, but will not withstand infantry attacks. Players can form a troop system to increase all the advantages of the selected warriors to the maximum. Another sufficient feature is the leader of the troops — a playable hero. The bonuses of your character influence the statistic of the army. Also, the efficiency of your military forces can be increased by learning new technology at the Oracle building. You can hire soldiers in the castle by constructing the specific buildings or get them from VIP-packs. The power of the troops depends on the player's level, but the number of purchases is unlimited.

The strategy part of the game is immersive as much as the combat system. The game provides different types of resources, such as lumber, iron, stone, food, and specific VIP-currency called gold. Players can obtain these values by producing it via unique buildings in the town, investigating the resource locations on the global map, or attacking and besieging of the cities of other players. The different structures can be placed on the territory in the town to produce resources and provide an opportunity to develop the technologies. All of the buildings require a specific amount of materials to be built.

Items offered in the game store usually have low stats. Good equipment set can be made only by player. Each fortress has a blacksmith's shop, so all you need is to extract enough resources for the craft of the item. Craftable items also can be improved. The logic of the improvements is sometimes a bit strange; for example, several pieces of armour can give a boost to farms and mines production rates. If you want to obtain resources, you have to complete quests. All tasks are divided into ordinary, clan and elite. The ordinary ones are available to any player; the second ones become available if you join a clan and the elite quests are available only for those who bought VIP account. The VIP-players have much more resources and profits from production.

In the beginning, you are provided with free building improvement bonuses and other boosters, but later you will either have to wait for a long time for troops coming back from the war and for improvement or invest real money. VIP opportunities are also accessible as a reward for several quests and various achievements. In general, Vikings: War of Clans has an engaging visual style, dynamic gameplay and exotic setting.