Virtual Realms revealed the first gameplay trailer of Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey Gameplay Trailer & Open Pre-Registration for Beta Testings 2020

Virtual Realms revealed the first gameplay trailer of an upcoming mobile MMORPG Warhammer: Odyssey, which was announced in August last year. The revealed video shows the combat action and elements of the interface, where you can see five ability buttons on the right and a virtual joystick on the left. It's also possible to explore several classes of characters.

In this game, you can join a group of mercenaries together with friends and fight against the evil influence of Morrslieb. During the journey, you will travel through the legendary locations of the Warhammer universe, from Marienburg to Drakwald Forest. Each area contains unique enemies and hundreds of quests that you can perform.

At the start, the game will contain three playable races (Human, Dwarf and Elf) and six different classes. The witch hunter uses fast fire attacks and destructive debuffs to suppress the enemy, and the archimagist has both attacking and healing abilities to fight at a distance and support allies. There are also classes such as Fighter, Engineer, Shadow Warrior and Peacock Warrior.

The video was published to announce the pre-registration for the upcoming beta tests. It is now available on the official website for Android and iOS.