War Thunder has received the New Power update

War Thunder New Power Update 2020

Multiplayer action game War Thunder received a significant upgrade "New Power", which transferred the game to a new version of the Dagor Engine 6.0. Thanks to this update, the game received mechanics shell traces interaction with the objects of the game world and added realistic effects of the sky, clouds of different types, fog, sunlight scattering and more. In addition to other features, the game received antialiasing technology with DLSS 2.0 deep learning algorithms which are available for owners of the NVidia 20/30 series graphics cards.

The New Power update has also added many smaller features in the game. The list of innovations includes a new hangar for each type of aircraft, battle pass with T-10A tank, 16 new and redesigned aircraft, 14 new and updated models of equipment, improved balance, gameplay changes and bug fixes. Also, the game received the division of warships into two branches with the traditional vertical research — the large and small fleet.

With the release of the "New Force" update, War Thunder has launched on the new generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with 4K/60FPS support.