Warface: Global Operations will receive PvE mode

Warface: Global Operations PvE Game Mode

Until recent time, mobile shooter Warface: Global Operations provided players only with PvP game modes. Now, together with the release of the latest update, developers have added a new multiplayer raid in which players will be able to grind the in-game currency.

The raid in Warface: Global Operations has divided into five parts: the progress of completion remains between their completion, but it's reset each week. For each sector, apart from the introduction, players receive pieces of weapons and equipment, exclusive items and experience. The size of an award depends on the level of difficulty, and it decreases with each completion.

Warface: Global Operations was released in January 2020 on iOS and Android; the game is a mobile adaptation of Warface's popular PC multiplayer shooter. Assemble a team of 4 fighters, gather up new weapons and equipment, and engage in a battle with dangerous bosses to disrupt Blackwood's insidious plans.