Warface received a September update with new content

Warface September Update Season Zero Battle Pass

Multiplayer first-person shooter Warface received a first part of the significant September update; in addition to the next battle pass with new awards and some changes in the development process, the patch has added other original content.

The game received two new weapons HCAR Auto rifle and FN P90 Custom submachine gun. The developers also redesigned the map "District" 2013 for the "Plant the bomb" mode. The location became more complicated and advanced in features; all objects and textures are now more detailed. The critical spots of this map were redesigned, and new map design is much more balanced.

In addition, the update added an introduction solo-mission for beginners, improved the interface, extended the set of animations of bosses, fixed bugs and more. The full list of changes is available on the official website of the game.