Wargaming revealed more details about Platoon 2.0 in World of Tanks

World of Tanks Platoon 2.0 Update 1.11.1

The release of update 1.11.1 for an online military game World Of Tanks is getting closer, and Wargaming continues to reveal details of the future large-scale patch. It will be released soon, but for now, it's available only on test servers. You can apply to test the new mod on the game's official website.

Update Platoons 2.0 will bring an automatic system to find teammates. It means that you will be able to take people into your group from among your friends and random players. New features will complement the existing platoon system, making it more comfortable. For example, it will help to find additional players to collect a full platoon faster. Platoon bonuses will continue to apply after the update.

Selection is to be made by different criteria: the current global ranking of World of Tanks (WTR), the number of available vehicles at the selected levels, fights, enabled or disabled voice communication and others. Also, the platoon leader and the companions will be able to see each other's vehicles right in the hangar. Platoons 2.0 will work only in random battles.

World of Tanks Platoon 2.0 Update 1.11.1
Also, the developers have shared information about the new game mode Order of War. In the test available in the sandbox players are divided into strategists and tankers. Strategist has to manage the armoured unit, and the Tankists oppose him. Battles will take place in a 7x7 format on X level machines.

The behaviour of vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence depends on whether the Strategist does not control the tank directly. By default, the combat vehicle will seek shelter within a certain radius from where the Strategist set it, and defend that territory. If the task is to conduct reconnaissance, the tank will seek shelter and transmit intelligence without revealing itself. After receiving an order to hold the position, the tank will stand at a certain point and fire on the advancing enemy.

Below you can see the latest video telling about the patch in details.