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Wartime Review

By BwwDtt | 09 September 2020
Average: 8.7 (7 votes)

Wartime is a browser-based real-time strategy with cartoonish visual style.

  • Colourful visual style
  • Unique mechanics of Unit Synthesis
  • PvP battles and System of Alliances
  • Updates, events and various bonuses

Wartime Gameplay

Wartime is a multiplayer strategic game for browsers and social networks. It features an attractive graphic design and large-scale battles of well-trained and personally formed armies.

Wartime is a game where players have to confront the secret plans of the Dark Lord. He came back to conquer your land, and only you can stop him. Users can build giant bases, expand the constructions, hire troops and generals for control, and grind various resources. You can also find a clan to complete all sorts of quests and fight with other players. The development of your base can be completed not only by producing soldiers with new equipment but also by studying advanced technologies.

The gameplay is familiar to all fans of the real-time strategy genre: it features classic mechanics combined with new strategic elements. You start as the commander of a small military base, which has lots of empty construction sites. You can build all sorts of resource structures on these locations: for example, infantry barracks, residential buildings, specialized buildings. These structures can be developed by combining them. For example, when you combine a pair of residential buildings of level 1, you will receive the result of one residential building of level 2.

In Wartime, you can build a unique object called engineering building. After you created this structure, you will be able to start the design developments and scientific experiments. As a result, it allows upgrading your infrastructure, makes available more powerful and useful units and combat equipment of land, sea and air directions, make your troops more spacious, and enhance other aspects of the gameplay.

During the process of base development, you can hire various units and create equipment, and as a result, form your unique squad. With the full army, you will be able to enter the world map, where you will see the buildings of AI and other players. You should send a detachment to war because you can receive valuable resources in battle.

Battles in Wartime are completed in automatic mode. Once your army reaches the battlefield (and it will take time), the system will determine the winner itself, relying on the power of your units. In this case, you can use any combination of equipment and troops in a squad, which opens up various tactical possibilities. In a short time after the battle, you will receive a report with the results of combat. The system determines the winner depending on the number and power of units. If you win, you will earn precious resources for further development.