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Wartune Review

By BwwDtt | 27 November 2019
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Wartune is a browser turn-based fantasy MMORPG, developed by 7Road and published by R2 Games.

  • Dynamic combat system
  • Picturesque visual style
  • Constant expansions and updates
  • Mixed SLG and RPG gameplay

Wartune Gameplay

The gameplay part of the Wartune is classical for this genre. It has no significant differences, Strategy and RPG genre combined in their usual forms. As in other games from R2Games, all of the main mechanics and features explained to the player during introduction quests. The questline is not strict and straightforward; you can choose which task you would like to complete first. It allows you to concentrate on the most exciting activities, not chasing the plotline.

As already said before, the Wartune has two types of activities: city management and roleplaying. During the game, you will have to try both of them.

The plot of Wartune is standard for most RPG games: the player's character is a chosen hero, who should stop the evil forces and restore the balance of the world. You can participate in various social-based activities, challenges, events, and PvP or PvE battles. Most of the story quests require to fight with the mobs controlled by AI. These activities could be both PvE and PvP: for example, you can join the guild and participate in colossal Guild Wars, enter the Battlegrounds, the equivalent of the Battle Royale in this game, or fight with the monstrous World Boss, the most powerful mob in the game. You can also participate in PvE campaigns, and struggle with the enemy creatures in various dungeons.

Besides, the game has some supplementary systems that help to improve character. You can try the Alchemy to make your equipment stronger, obtain the various Sylphs that will help you in battle, visit the farm where you can plant useful resources, and try different activities where you can get the upgrades for your hero.

The social part of the game is complicated too. There is a unique system of Friendliness, that shows how much you are close to another player; it gives some bonuses to friends, such as additional farm EXP points or multiplayer dungeon bonuses. For the closest players, there is a unique marriage system. There are three types of wedding, with various benefits. Married players also have access to the unique Tree of Love that provides daily bonuses and valuable resources.

If you join one of the Guilds or create your own, you will also get benefits, such as specific member skills, access to the Guild Dungeon, Treasure and cross-server Siege event.

The Strategy part of the game is quite simple but enjoyable. All you need is to place the buildings on the territory of your city and manage the resources you get. All of them can have an upgrade, and it increases the level of bonuses you get. There are several types of available structures:

Buildings that gives access to competitions:

  • Arena, a place where you can compete with other players. This building provides different PvP modes, such as Solo Duels, 3v3 and 4v4 battles. For participating in these competitions, you will get a battle rank and useful rewards.
  • Forgotten Catacombs is the building, where you can enter a 100 level area with various enemies and challenges. For every victory, you will get a reward and EXP gain. Every five levels in this challenge, you will face bosses, and if you defeat them successfully, you will get gems and Crypt Tokens. For this currency, you can buy unique items in the Crypt Shop.

Buildings used to create resources:

  • Farm is a group of structures that used as the source of the gold, Daru, Kyanite, EXP points and moreover. Here you can also grow various plants that provide specific materials. You can also harvest farms of other players and steal their resources.
  • Tree of Ancients is a source of daily Daru and Kyanite influx. It can be harvested only once a day.
  • Henna Lab provides Henna, Advances Henna and Tattoos. The Tattoo feature gives specific bonuses to the player and increases the stats of the character.
  • Magic Inn is a place where you can obtain cards. It's a necessary building for the Card System.
  • Barracks Barracks is the place for the training and recruiting of the troops. There are lots of different soldier types that you can unlock by upgrading this building.

Buildings with a unique purpose:

  • Academy is used to research new technologies. All of them provides bonuses for the playable characters, troops and companions. This building could be upgraded to increase the power of the benefits.
  • Blacksmith is a building where you can upgrade the equipment of your character, synthesize powerful items by combining usual ones, refine the bonus stats, and recycle the waste items.
  • Town Hall is the first and the main building in the city. The amount of produced gold depends on the level of this structure.
  • Mystic's Gate is a teleport to other realms.

Wartune Classes

The game has only three basic classes, usual for all RPG games.

  • Mage — a ranged magical class that specialized at multiple-target damage. These heroes also know healing spells and buffs.
  • Knight — a class of warriors that prefer close melee combat. They cause more physical damage than other characters.
  • Archer — an agile ranged class with high defensive rank. These heroes are good at duel combat.