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Wartune Reborn Review

By BwwDtt | 31 October 2019
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Wartune Reborn is a strategic 2.5D browser MMORPG, developed by 7Road. This game does not have a specific genre.

  • Low-spec game with nice graphics
  • Simple dynamic gameplay
  • Beautiful visual style
  • Friendly immersive community

Wartune Reborn Gameplay

The gameplay of Wartune simple enough, and you'll quickly figure out what is your mission in this game. If you're new to this genre, a quick tutorial will show you all of the fundamental aspects of the game. At first, the gameplay of Wartune will be too simple, but once you are good enough in basic mechanics, complexity will increase dramatically. This game does not have a specific genre. Mix such types as RPG and SLG, then add some dynamic PvP and PvE, and you will get Wartune Reborn.

As the plot of Wartune says, it is a musical instrument created by God. When it is played, it can change the entire world, so it is the most dangerous item ever created. So the Creator split the Wartune into seven parts, called Artifacts, and hide them all around the world.

The world of Wartune was torn by war. The lands of humans were crushed and captured by creatures of Evil. The goal of your character is to free the human's homelands from the oppression of the Orcs, Dragons, Centaurus, Cavemens, and other evil creatures. Relationships between different races in this world are very complicated. Some of them are best friends, and others are the worst enemies. Your character can affect this. You can decide to reconcile enemies or quarrel friends, so be careful.

If you prefer a single-player game style, you have an opportunity to challenge other players on the Arena. It is a mode of rank battles, where you will not lose any of your resources except for your rating. Depending on your Arena rank, you will automatically get a reward. You can take up a challenge twenty times per day. Between the fights, you have to wait for ten minutes because of a cool-down. You can accelerate or skip it if you want. After you won a certain number of battles, you will get the personal achievement, and the whole server will see it.

There is an opportunity to play Wartune Reborn with friends. If you have a level 50, you can form a team. Also, you can join a guild. If your character in a team, you can visit different dungeons and locations with other teammates.

If you joined a guild, you could participate in guild wars, called a Guild Battles. With your guildmates, you can conquer the whole world and show everyone your skills of tactics and strategy. If you joined or created a guild, you will have access to guild-chat, where you can call out the other players to take part in your adventure.

To join a Guild Battle, you should know the time when it is open. Usually, it is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 20:00 to 21:00. Every Sunday, eight guilds from the top will be randomly arranged for the 1v1 guild battle. You have to assemble a group of 50 players to increase your chances of success.

Your goal in Guild Battle is to defeat an enemy Ward Tower and protect yours. If both of the towers are not conquered, the guild with the higher score wins.

For the victory in a Guild Battle, you will get a generous reward. You will get Honor and the special Medallion of the winner.

Wartune Reborn Classes

When you enter the Wartune Reborn for the very first time, you will have to create a character. There is a range between three classes and two genders. You will also have to choose a name.

  • Knights are melee classes of close combat. They are physically strong and brave in a fight. Knights also can defense, and they do it well.
  • Mages are an offensive magic class. They are good at magic spells and healing.
  • Archers are agile and tricky warriors. They prefer long-range combat.