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Webzen is a South Korean video game developer and publisher founded on April 28, 2000. This studio specializes in developing and publishing massively multiplayer online games, mainly MMORPG. All Webzen games are distributed by a free-to-play model. Still, the company's earnings are brought by a built-in microtransaction system that allows players to buy cosmetic items and character improvements. The most famous Webzen games are fantasy MMORPG MU Online, Continent of the Ninth Seal, and FlyFF.

Latest Webzen News

R2 Mobile Korean Release Screenshot and Gameplay Trailer Webzen released R2 Mobile for the Korean market

The developers also shared the final gameplay trailer of the new MMORPG

R2 Mobile Korean Release Announce Screenshot Developers of R2 Mobile announced the release date

The game will open for the Korean players in August

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