Webzen released R2 Mobile for the Korean market

R2 Mobile Korean Release Screenshot and Gameplay Trailer

The mobile version of R2 Online called R2 Mobile (R2M) was released for the Korean market. As expected, it features plenty of various automatic functions such as bots, auto-questing and auto-combat in PvE game mode. The graphics of the project are quite simple, which reminds of another famous Korean project, Lineage M.

R2M is a mobile adaptation of the fantasy MMORPG R2 Online developed by Webzen, which is developed almost by the same team that created the original R2. The developers emphasized the recreation of the original PvP, the big open world and redesigned visual style. The list of innovations includes an interface adapted for mobile devices and many automatic functions, which are disabled in PvP. After the release, the game will receive regular sieges, events, and updates with new content.