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Wild Terra Review

By BwwDtt | 21 November 2019
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Wild Terra is a medieval sandbox MMORPG, developed by Russian studio Juvty Worlds Ltd in 2017.

  • Extremely hardcore gameplay
  • Full freedom of action
  • Vast open world
  • Unique survival experience

Wild Terra Gameplay

The Wild Terra is a hardcore medieval game in the sandbox genre. The main feature of the game is to players drive all the game events. There are no NPCs or starter cities, but the players have a unique opportunity to build everything everywhere. The game has 2D isometric graphics with realistic sprites so that it looks quite retro.

As in all survival games, in the Wild Terra, your character needs to eat and hide in a shelter to stay alive. It is possible to survive without a source of food and safe place, but for a beginner, it can be a quite complicated task. Therefore the Wild Terra has a tutorial that supports the beginner until it feels comfortable in the game.

First of all, the Wild Terra provides an opportunity to set a Dominium, a specific area, where the player can set the house and source of food. It's the first place where the player could be safe and take their time learning game mechanics. It can be ruled alone or shared with other players if the Dominium is too big and expensive for a solo player.

Just as in real life, the players need to cut down the trees, clean the place to set the building and only then the construction can start. To create the first settlement, players will have to develop their primary skills. The abilities could be levelled up only as they used. The game emphasizes to the crafting and PvP skills, and the character will start increasing them since the first minutes of the game by gathering resources and fighting with enemy mobs.

The crafting system is quite simple and classic for the genre. The character has some starter recipes; other ones could be opened by levelling up or buying them in cash shop. Several item formulas could be opened only with the premium subscription. You must obtain the required amount of resources to craft the selected item. The catch is that all the ingredients placed in different locations on the map, and it can be quite challenging to find them. Also, the special workbench could be necessary for the craft of some complicated things.

Besides, the players of the Wild Terra could tame the animals and grow farm plants, so there is an opportunity to create a thriving farm with many pets and farm animals. The creatures used as pets, mounts, or the source of food and materials. Players with a high level of taming can take a raven as a companion or even obtain a bear as the mount, but be careful when taming: many wild animals are dangerous and cause colossal damage.

Farm plants are available to players in a wide variety. You can grow fruits, vegetables, or trees if you plant a sapling obtained during lumberjacking. The presence of a farm allows you not to worry about food and develop your cooking skill, replenishing it with new recipes.

Wild Terra Skills

The skills in Wild Terra divided into two categories. The first one is Peaceful Skills that contains Extraction and Crafting abilities. On the territory of Dominium could be placed various buildings that used for the creation of skill-based items. The second category is Fighting skills, that includes Offensive and Defensive abilities.

Peaceful Skills:

The Extraction Skills are Mining, Farming, Gathering, Skinning, Lumberjacking, and Animal taming.
The Crafting Skills are Survival, Leatherworking, Carpentry, Stoneworking, Blacksmithing, Cookery, and Cartography.

Fighting skills:

The Offensive Skills are Swordsmanship, Axe fighting, Mace Fighting, Fencing, Throwing Mastery, and Archery.
The Defensive Skills are Light Armour, Heavy Armour and Shield mastery.

Wild Terra System Requirements

Wild Terra Minimum System Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: 512 MB, WebGL support
  • CPU: 2.2 GHz
  • File Size: 600 MB
  • OS: WinXP/Vista/OSX 10.9/SteamIOS

Wild Terra Recommended System Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: 1 GB, WebGL support
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or higher
  • File Size: 600 MB
  • OS: Win7/8/10/OSX 10.9/SteamIOS