Wild Terra 2 is free to play for one week

Wild Terra 2 New Lands Free-to-Play Closed Beta Test

Juvty Worlds Studio has announced the launch of a closed beta testing of sandbox MMORPG Wild Terra 2: New Lands. The servers were wiped to allow players to progress from scratch. The developers confirmed that they would no longer reset the progress until the early access stage, which is expected in December 2020.

Owners of Settler, Conqueror and Hero kits can participate in the CBT, but other players will also receive an opportunity to explore the world of Wild Terra 2: New Lands. The game will be available for free as part of the Autumn Festival in Steam from 7th to 13th October 2020. In addition to the announcement of the CBT, the developers published a new gameplay trailer for the project, which shows the combat system, the resources and craft system.