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World Of Conquerors - Origins Review

By Lissabonfox | 01 April 2020
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World Of Conquerors - Origins is a fantasy MMORTS developed by Huntah and published by Darkness Development in 2020.

  • Detailed graphics
  • Persistent gameplay
  • Player-driven economy
  • Alliances and guilds

World Of Conquerors - Origins Gameplay

World Of Conquerors - Origins is a free-to-play multiplayer real-time strategy, which plot takes place in medieval times. The game presents a multitude of opportunities that provides many possibilities in city building, besieging the enemies’ castles, ruling the armies and uniting with other kingdoms. Ones who choose to start an adventure in this game get to experience an in-depth gameplay, advanced graphics and dynamic life of the kingdom estates.

This MMORTS provides a choice of a race at the start. Participants can pick a race that fits their playstyle the most, as each one has their unique building system and a set of units.

Humans are mainly good at mineral collecting, they present balanced armies, strong and agile cavalry subdivisions.

Elves is a race that is best at obtaining knowledge, they also build highly defensive cities. Their archery units are far more superior than everyone else’s.

Orcs are aggressive warriors, they are most brilliant at constructing massive armies, and their infantry units are the most endurant in the game.

Each realm of World Of Conquerors - Origins allows to build up to ten cities per player. Progression in the story, as well as upgrading armies and castles opens up more features for optimizing units and bettering their stats. Rulers of the kingdoms are able to make exchanges between their domains in order to help the development. There are also ordinary civilians living behind the city walls, so armies and defence are not the only aspect that require supervision.

When it comes to battle, players are presented with a classic real-time strategy system. Each unit can be individually controlled and micro-managed. Overall, the game possesses an in-depth countering system that allows to think over every detail that can help in the fight. Armies are able to attack the lands that are controlled by AI. This can be done in order to recruit generals and soldiers, gather resources and win additional rewards. But the main World Of Conquerors - Origins feature lies on the PvP side, where opposing players can assault each others’ cities. Breaking the defence grants a multitude of rewards to the winner, as they get access to the kingdom’s resources, part of their money and certain army units in some cases.

There is an alliance system in this fantasy MMORTS, it allows the city rulers to unite against their enemies or to simply trade between the owned domains. Communication and resource exchange are much more simple between alliance members, there are also many tools for helping an under-attack alliance member. Large and famous kingdoms require multiple attacks and sieges to conquer, so creating an alliance coordination is extremely important.

One of the main features of the strategy is a persistent gameplay, which means that events keep happening the world while the player doesn’t necessarily take part in the process. It makes the progress more fast-paced and realistic, as it requires precise planning before quitting the game.

World Of Conquerors - Origins presents an in-game shop that can be accessed anytime. While it doesn’t support a pay-to-win model, the shop allows to purchase a variety of packs that can be helpful at the start of the game.

World Of Conquerors - Origins System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 10.0
  • CPU: DualCore 2,0 GHz
  • File Size: 7 GB
  • OS: Windows 7