World of Tanks will receive new mechanics of artillery and crew 2.0

During the "Stream of the Year 2020", Wargaming organized a show-match in Steel Hunter game mode and then revealed the future changes in multiplayer tank action MMO World of Tanks. They discussed three main topics: high-explosive shells, artillery and crew 2.0, as well as changes to the battle pass. Initially, all of these changes will be introduced in the Sandbox, to test them and collect feedback from the players and after that, the update will be released on all servers of World of Tanks.

First and foremost, the changes will affect the high-explosive shells. Their damage will be calculated solely on the specific point of impact. The damage will depend on how armoured the tank is. When you are aiming, you will see how much damage it can inflict: minuscule, average or piercing. The developers want to make the landmine a full-fledged tactical projectile. At the same time, the amount of damage inflicted will be significantly reduced.

Second, artillery will undergo essential changes. The development team agrees that it would be better to show how artillery works to those who play against it. The developers want to make sure that when playing as artillery, you have to do more actions, better understand the battle structure and tactics to adjust to it. Artillery will have three projectiles significantly different from each other. All three types of shells will have a different trajectory. The developers also discuss introducing an artillery icon, which will alert you when artillery attacks your tank.

As for Crew 2.0, individual tank crew members with now will become a single crew. A new system will replace the current levelling mechanics. A crew will have a level which is pumped by experience. When levelling up, players will receive skill points. Perks points will be invested in a redesigned system, which represents a development tree. It will consist of five areas, each containing five perks. Unique crew members obtained during the various events will turn into instructors; the crew will be able to work on three tanks. They will also be able to be deployed on all premium vehicles of a suitable class.

The content of the Battle Pass will also change significantly; it will become about three times longer by progression. It will be divided into three chapters, each of which is tied to one of the vehicles. When completing a chapter, the player will receive a unique style on the corresponding vehicle. When receiving an award from the combat pass, the player will be able to choose from the presented options. Battle Pass points can be received not only in random battles but also in other modes and events.