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Xterium Review

By BwwDtt | 24 December 2019
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Xterium is a browser-based sci-fi strategy game in a space setting.

  • Different styles of gameplay
  • Immersive social-based activities
  • Flexible system of development
  • A broad map of space to explore and conquer

Xterium Gameplay

Xterium is a strategy sci-if game in the space setting, featuring the system of management of the colony, development of the base and battles with other players. One of the most significant features of this game is trading; the economics are entirely player-driven. The gameplay of this project is much more dynamic and fast than the analogues because of the increased speed of the development. Players are not limited to the level of the colony and skills.

Xterium features two types of gameplay: the first one provides an opportunity to develop a peaceful colony, and the second offers to recruit the strongest army and involve into a rival with other players. Each path contains specific benefits, unique abilities and bonus stats. The Peaceful way of the development demands to spend time and game to improve skills and level rank; also, the speed can be increased by the improvement of the buildings and technological research. The Military path requires to destroy enemy fleets, with no restrictions and specific requests. Players can fight both with NPC in PvE systems, or attack the fleets of other gamers.

Another exciting feature of Xterium is an opportunity to create a unique race with customizable stats and benefits. The game provides a wide range of different abilities, and you can build up a specific set of bonus skills. For example, you can choose the buff of the development speed, or increase the speed of your fleet. The unique race can build up in the specific mode called Academy.

The Arsenal in Xterium provides an opportunity to customize the weapons and spaceships in the fleet. Due to your army is equipped with different types of weapons, engines, and shield, you can improve every piece of the armoury and increase the level of its stats. Every kind of ships has specific requirements for installable improvements because each ship specializes in a different type of battle. This feature allows creating a well-balanced fleet, in which every vehicle complements and supports another one. The game has more than twenty kinds of spaceships, various systems of the defence and offence, convenient map and many other things.

If you’re not fancy about space battles and dynamic combats, you can choose other types of the gameplay. For example, Xterium provides one of the most enjoyable trade systems of all browser games. You can decide to produce the resources and sell it to merchants, or start your own business and start building trade ties with other players by reselling resources or providing unique materials. Unlike other browser sci-fi browser games, the resources are extracted at an incredible speed and are relatively easy to manage.
For players who prefer the scientific path of development, they can concentrate on the development of your technologies. This role is quite expensive and complex because each research requires a specific number of materials and time to be done.

It’s much more comfortable and inspiring to play Xterium with other space travellers. You can join one of the alliances, or create one and gather other players under your command. The guild membership provides many benefits and unique functions, such as shared storage, support of other players in group defence of the conquered territories, alliance planet, and many other features.