YJM Games revealed new trailers of Soul Worker Academia

SoulWorker Academia Gameplay Trailer

YJM Games recently unveiled three new videos for the mobile MMORPG Soul Worker Academia. Two of them give a glimpse of the game's secondary activities, such as visiting hot springs in bathing suits, walking around the hostel, having fun with water pistols, and more. Another video demonstrates all the basic features of the upcoming novelty.

In the first video below, you can see the club activities available at SWA:

Last year, the developers confirmed that the project would contain the original Soul Worker aspects of gameplay and provide unique features. These include plenty of peaceful content, clubs, numerous secondary activities, decorating your houses and rooms. There are also planned "part-time jobs" that players can take to earn resources.

Here you can see and appreciate the dorm walks:

Earlier, the developers revealed a trailer called "That's why we chose the academy." This video tells about the students from the special academy. You will be able to play for these playable characters in the upcoming mobile MMORPG.

Soul Worker Academia is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG based on the popular computer online game Soul Worker. YJM Games opened pre-registration for this project on January 6, 2021; registration will be available until January 26. The project is set for release in South Korea in early 2021; however, there is no Western release information yet.