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The setting of future of our universe varies in different games, and Cyberpunk MMO Games feature a mix of advanced technological progress, extreme poverty and lawlessness. That unusual combination creates a unique environment where players can enjoy futuristic inventions, but they have to survive in criminal and poor surroundings at the same time. The world of these games is controlled by destructive mega corporations which rule over the society and appropriate the lives of ordinary people.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.


An indie fantasy MMORPG in steampunk setting

RF Online

RF Online is a korean sci-fi MMORPG, developed by CCR Inc. in 2004

Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a sci-fi survival MMOFPS in retro stylistic.

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More about Cyberpunk MMO Games

The Cyberpunk MMO Games meet the players with enormous megapolises with sky-high buildings and thousands of colourful signs everywhere. This stylish setting is one of the main features, and these video games often allow the players to witness breathtaking views of highly technologically advanced cities and their inhabitants.

Technological body improvements are not uncommon in the Cyberpunk universe: a lot of characters use various upgrades to their physical power, and their brain is connected to computers to perform online operations at any given time. Virtual reality is ordinary too, the advanced internet technologies are available to everyone, and cyborgs with unusual weapons wander the streets of this universe.

The worlds of Cyberpunk MMO Games usually belong to gigantic corporations which can do everything to enrich themselves even further, and human lives individually don't matter anymore. It all leads to extreme poverty, the prosperity of lawless gangs and a high number of criminal activities everyone around the world. The society is highly marginalized, and the moral guidelines do not exist anymore. Most people carry weapons or other mechanisms they can use to protect themselves or attack others.

MMO Games players can abuse all the advantages of this setting, and often they have to work for various criminal gangs, engage in outlaw activities and do whatever it takes to achieve their purposes. You can purchase a limitless amount of various technological improvements for your body or weapons, modify the equipment and buy access to restricted areas and buildings. Many games of the genre feature reworked mechanics of driving, hacking and shooting.

Best Cyberpunk MMO Games

  • Corepunk is an MMORPG that features a mix of steampunk, cyberpunk and fantasy, and players can use various genetic modifications to improve their characters and use futuristic technologies to compete with others.
  • Skyforge is a techno-fantasy MMORPG, in which players control an immortal avatar to protect the planet from alien invasions.
  • Neocron is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk MMORPG with elements of first-person-shooter, in which players can choose from a variety of diverse classes and customize them using different abilities.