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Cyberpunk RPG Games for PC

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Cyberpunk RPG Games focus on alternative versions of the distant future, where human beings are allowed to customize their bodies with various technological implants, and gigantic corporations rule over the worlds. You may freely explore dangerous suburbs and participate in multiple game activities. Players may customize their characters using technological upgrades, a wide range of weapons and modifications for them. The main storylines offer an immersive experience and various rewards for their completion.

The Ascent

Indie action RPG-shooter in cyberpunk setting with top-down isometric camera angle

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More about Cyberpunk RPG Games

Cyberpunk RPG Games focus on the futuristic setting and advanced technologies of the future to create vivid and dark worlds full of cyborgs and dangerous corporations. In that setting, human lives don't matter anymore, and everyone tries to survive, therefore making most parts of the world risky to explore. Enemies have different implants and combat styles, and players need to adapt and find better equipment to fight with them. A wide range of vehicles is also available, and the developers may add any kinds of high-tech devices to their games.

Cyberpunk RPG Games offer its players various ways to customize the playable characters. The human or alien bodies may be improved with multiple devices to increase speed, strength or agility to fit the playstyle of the players more. Some tools allow you to carry firepower inside arms or legs, and others protect the characters from receiving damage. Some projects offer Skill Trees to acquire more specific abilities and various tweaks to make them more effective in particular situations.

Cyberpunk RPG Games offer a unique experience to both casual and hardcore players, and some projects allow them to customize the difficulty level to improve the experience even further. Futuristic settings offer more opportunities for the developers to implement unique immersive storylines for the players to experience.

Best Cyberpunk RPG Games

  • Cyberpunk 2077 features an alternative version of the real world in the distant future. The players freely explore the open world, participate in quests and side activities, along with developing the playable character.
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers an immersive storyline about modified human beings being outcasts of society. You act as a covert operative completing various missions and activities in a massive virtual world.
  • Shadowrun Returns features a futuristic setting in a cyberpunk universe where magical powers came back to humanity. Skill-Based Character Progression allows you to customize abilities to create a unique playstyle.