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Dark Fantasy MMORPG List

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One of the most popular RPG genres, fantasy, has some various subgenres with unusual settings. One of the most horrifying and mysterious types is the Dark Fantasy MMORPG, full of violence, blood and evil creatures. It uses the same themes and cliches as it's predecessor, but changes it in the most terrible way possible. However, this genre might have even more overwhelmingly dramatical and breathtaking gameplay — because now the forces of light would have to face the real evil.

Hero Siege

Hardcore hack-and-slash roguelike with pixel graphics

Citadel: Forged with Fire

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG with survival elements

Asheron's Call

Old-school fantasy MMORPG with deep character development system

Drakensang Online

Fantasy hack-and-slash MMORPG with isometric graphics

Mad World

Browser-based MMORPG in dark fantasy setting


A multiplayer dungeon crawler game involving three players into mysterious journey.

Path of Exile 2

A continuation of the famous hack-and-slash action MMO in dark fantasy setting

Past Fate

An open-world action-MMORPG in setting of middle ages.

Mortal Online 2

A sequel of immersive hardcore open-world sandbox MMORPG

Camelot Unchained

An upcoming indie MMORPG inspired by Dark Age of Camelot

Astonia: The Return of Yendor

An old-school fantasy MMORPG with 2D graphic style

Crimson Desert

A sequel of famous MMORPG Black Desert

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an indie fantasy MMORPG.

Lineage 2 Essence

Lineage 2 Essence is a PvP-oriented version of LA 2

MU Online

MU Online is a retro hack-and-slash MMORPG.

Project Gorgon

Project: Gorgon is an indie sandbox fantasy RPG.

Fractured MMO

An isometric sandbox MMORPG where players impact the worlds by their actions

Saga of Lucimia

A fantasy sandbox MMORPG with classless character development

Mortal Online

Mortal Online is a sandbox hardcore MMORPG.

Ultima Online

Ultima Online is one of the first popular fantasy MMORPGs.


Dark Fantasy MMORPG Art with Knight

More About Dark Fantasy MMORPG

The Dark Fantasy MMORPG is the mix of the horror and usual fantasy. In those games, the mysterious things and events revolve in the setting for the genre. You can see the kind wizards fighting with bloodthirsty ugly monsters, really frightening and repulsive scenes of violence, the incredible cruelty of the dark creatures and generally uncharacteristic aggression.

MMORPGs in the Dark Fantasy genre often use elements of the Gothic genre - both in the plot cliches and in the visual style. For example, in the Diablo series of games, many locations and buildings, armours and weapons are inspired by the medieval Gothic style, which itself is rather gloomy and hopeless. Together, the combination of dark fantasy and gothic style looks unbelievable - both frightening and beautiful.

This genre is much more sophisticated than the usual horror: the creators of Dark Fantasy MMORPG trying to scare the player, not with the screamers and cheap tricks from summer blockbusters, but with a vicious terrifying atmosphere, which is chasing the character from the very first minutes of the game.

One of the main features of the Dark Fantasy MMORPG is that the Evil is already defeated the forces of light. No one perceives villainy and cruelty as something terrifying: all the characters stuck so deep in this awful world, that they are already get used to life with eternal fear.

Best Dark Fantasy MMORPG

  • Diablo 3 is a colossal MMORPG in the genre of dark fantasy, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It's quite casual, and it's style is not too radical, so Diablo 3 is an excellent choice for beginners in RPGs and players who are just getting acquainted with the dark fantasy genre.
  • Path of Exile is a PvE-based Diablo-like Dark Fantasy MMORPG. It has no clear story, but the setting and the visual part are quite lovely. The game is famous for its PvE raids, flexible system of skills and combat, and the highest amount of the grinding activities. This game is hardcore, so it's more suitable for experienced players.
  • Grim Dawn is one of the hardest Dark Fantasy MMORPGs. It's suitable for casual players on low levels of difficulty. Still, the hardcore gamers should be ready to face darkest evil creatures, trickiest bosses and withstand the depressing atmosphere of the game.