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First-Person MOBA Games

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Most of the time, MOBA games require a wide-range view field to make the right tactical decisions. Still, the best way to be immersed in the gameplay is to experience the action first-hand, looking at the battlefield through the character's eyes. First-person MOBA Games tend to provide fast-paced action-filled battles; it also requires to make quicker decisions than in ordinary top-down camera games. This genre can be a salvation for those players who aren't so keen about observing the battlefield from above.


Free-to-play team-based MOBA game in Fantasy setting

Forging Glory

A looter brawler game with deep customization


Experimental combination of MOBA and MMOFPS


An ambitious project of Bigbug Studio, a mix of different genres and gaming styles.

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More about First-person MOBA Games

First-person MOBAs become quite an essential subject for those who enjoy games like first-person shooters and classic RPGs because they provide a full-on immersive experience of the gameplay. In this case, just as in a top-down MOBAs, each unique character has a set of abilities and statistics; the diverse gameplay is an essential part because it replaces a solid plot. Still, the concept of the game is the same: two teams have to fight against each other in various maps and modes.

Most of the game modes are classic and challenge one team with capturing control points or following a payload to a certain point at the end of the map, while the other side must stop them from succeeding. Still, the classic mode only requires participants to eliminate each other and destroy the bases.

The skill system in First-person MOBA games is just as comfortable as in classic MOBAs, if not more. The abilities are determined by the choice of the character and by its class. There are attacking and damage-dealing classes, defenders and healers who specialize on the support of the allies. All of the ultimate skills require a cooldown after usage, which is used to create a balance between forces. Levelling system allows gaining experience for every successful match played. The player's level doesn't determine the winning chances because it's only a statistic that shows an amount of played matches. The game mechanics are purely skill-based and balanced.

Best First-Person MOBA Games

  • Demons Are Crazy is a first-person MOBA game with a unique visual style and incredibly immersive dynamic gameplay. This project provides you with a range of heroes with different skills and weapons: guns, hammers, axes, and many others.
  • AXYOS is an experimental first-person shooter with MOBA mechanics. It provides players with different combat roles and exciting gameplay style.
  • Battleborn is a first-person shooter combining classic dynamic gameplay of FPS with MOBA mechanics.