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Games with Druid Class for PC

Full list of the Games with Druid Class for PC

Druid is a fairly versatile class for players who like to combine support and assistance. Often, druids are capable summoners as well. Their abilities are usually based on nature lore and healing. There are plenty of games with druids in them, often RPG games with Druid Class for PC are games where you can choose which character to play. Usually, you won’t see druids as main characters in games where you control a single pre-defined hero. Mostly, druids oppose the forces of evil, but their own story can sometimes take a darker turn too.

Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is a legendary action/role-playing game in hack-and-slash genre.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action RPG by Blizzard Entertainment.

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More about the Druid Class

Thanks to their kinship with nature and benign spirits, druids often assume the role of healers in parties. However, their versatile abilities are useful for dealing damage as well: summoned beasts tear enemies to pieces while the druid casts offensive spells or goes into melee range.

These mages always seek to protect nature from invasion: in games with druid class you can befriend various beasts or turn into them thanks to the power of shapeshifting. Some features of animals may be present even in human form of a druid character, like animal strength or raffinesse. A shapeshifter’s mind may become clouded with beast consciousness. Sometimes druids are unable to control their abilities and can even turn on their friends or remain in animal form forever.

Druids can boast a broad selection of weapons: from daggers and bows to magic staves or maces. They usually wear clothing or light armor and rely on their spells for better protection. In terms of balance and in-game attributes, druids often have a bit more hit points than other mages and are better at surviving enemy attacks in general.

Best Games with Druids

  • World of Warcraft is a famous and challenging MMORPG. Set in a fantasy world where different races fight each other on two sides, the Alliance and the Horde, WoW features deep character development and social systems. Druids fight on both sides: you can choose Night Elves (Alliance) or Tauren (Horde). In WoW, druids are noted for their power of restoration and are wanted in any party. Apart from that, they can choose a melee or ranged specialization while also remaining capable off-healers. Check out different druid builds and find the one you enjoy, be it PvE or PvP. Druids can succeed in both, which makes WoW one of the best games with Druid class.
  • Titan Quest is a renowned Hack&Slash RPG where you can combine different masteries to create almost any type of character you want. It’s set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Orient and legendary lands. Creating a pure druid to explore the ancient world is possible: choose Nature Mastery and become a Wanderer. Learn to summon wolves, heal and shield yourself and others from damage. Having a Wanderer among co-op players is great: apart from healing, they provide a significant maximum health bonus of up to 85% to all party members and their own summoned creatures if you invest in their passive ability, Heart of Oak.
  • Enclave is a good example of games with Druid class. A story of a clash between Light and Darkness, Enclave is a great Action RPG which has many heroes, and you can choose any of them before starting a mission. During the campaign of Light you can unlock the Druid pretty soon. She is a classic mage able to summon a powerful Golem to her aid while using the power of elements and nature to directly assault creatures of Darkness.
  • Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor to Titan Quest. Often considered mechanically superior, Grim Dawn has a totally different setting and classes and is not like other games with druids mentioned here. You can choose to become a Shaman - fearsome warrior mage hailing from savage lands. Untamed and brutal, Shamans fight with two-handed melee weapons and use their nature lore to aid them in battle: calling upon ferocious beasts and ravenous insect swarms may become your primary means of combating monsters. Shamans’ primal powers allow them to bring lightning strikes down on their enemies or make a gruesome pact with Wendigo spirits to consume the life essence of foes. You can make a truly malicious bloodthirsty druid-like character out of Shaman, or stick to the conjuring and lightning powers for a closer resemblance to the classic druid archetype.