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Video Games Released in 1991 for PC

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Video Games Released in 1991 offer the players a unique old school experience, which consists of two-dimensional pixelated worlds and a fitting to them soundtrack. Most of the projects feature hardcore gameplay along with a wide range of available levels, opponents and bosses. Some games are also parts of the famous worldwide series, and their storylines play a significant role in the overall plot. The games are highly accessible, and you can run them smoothly on most devices since they only require a few free megabytes on the hard drive.

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More about Video Games Released in 1991

Video Games Released in 1991 feature classic two-dimensional levels for the players to experience, and the immersive storylines add more depth to the gameplay. The games use 2D sprites and low-resolution textures for the environment. The developers use them in various ways to create uniquely-looking explorable environments. The games can only be played in supported resolutions which you cannot change, and specific game mechanics use the in-game animations as a part of the gameplay.

Video Games Released in 1991 offer the players hardcore experience where most of the opponents are deadly, and you only have a limited number of lives, which are consumed with every mistake. If you run out of them, you will have to restart the entire game. Various mechanics allow you to skip specific in-game obstacles, and in some cases, some mechanics can allow you to skip many levels at once. These mechanics still offer you enough information about the plot, and that way, you don't ruin the experience by using them.

Video Games Released in 1991 fit both old school players and younger auditory because of the various hardcore mechanics and unique environments that can only be found in the games of this genre. Different storylines keep the players engaged throughout the entire experience.

Best Video Games Released in 1991

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past features the in-depth customization system and other RPG features for the players to use while exploring the immersive storyline connected to other games of the series.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog offers the players a wide range of 2D levels where you can control a supernatural hedgehog to collect rings and defeat numerous bosses. The main plot takes the players throughout the game.
  • Battletoads features multiple levels with different playstyles to complete, and four portals allow you to skip some of them. The storyline offers dialogues and tips from different characters throughout the entire game.