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Video Games Released in 1995 for PC

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Video Games Released in 1995 allow the players to experience multiple platforms and different genres. The games use improved technologies to provide immersive three-dimensional worlds that use low-resolution textures, and real-time combat adds more depth to the gameplay. Specific projects allow the players to customize the available abilities to create a unique playstyle, and some games also allow you to freely explore various locations to search for secrets, side quests and challenging activities.

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Video Games Released in 1995 are available to the players through different platforms, which include 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The graphics engines mostly use low-resolution textures; however, a lot of games provide the 3D environment and a large number of details on the background. Some projects allow the players to customize the visual quality and resolution of the screen to be able to run the games on most devices smoothly.

Video Games Released in 1995 allow the players to experience various difficulties; however, most of the games are challenging and require them to practice a lot to complete multiple single-player game modes. In some cases, you may play online against friends or strangers, and the games record your scores for you to be able to compete against other players worldwide.

Most of the Video Games Released in 1995 include different in-game Easter Eggs for the players to find. Some of them do not cause any impact on the gameplay. Others may reward the players with powerful items, weapons or abilities to make the completion of specific features easier. You can also get access to various cheat-codes in most of the single-player modes to easily beat the most demanding challenges to find out the outcome of immersive storylines available.

Best Video Games Released in 1995

  • Mortal Kombat 3 is a cross-platform project that features fighting tournaments in the detailed pixelated environment. You may choose from a wide range of available characters with unique playstyles to face various opponents.
  • Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness is an RTS game which allows you to control one of the several races with different playstyles. There are multiple game modes available, and players may explore the main plot, multiplayer and bot matches.
  • Command & Conquer is an RTS game that features a top-down camera. The game focuses on the real-time technologies in an alternative universe with various additions to it. The world consumed by war and players may pick one of the factions to explore the storyline.