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Video Games Released in 1996

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Video Games Released in 1996 features different platforms and a large variety of available genres for the players to experience. The games offer multiple difficulties, and you can customize specific aspects to fit your unique playstyle. Most of these projects already use three-dimensional environment; however, the 2D effects widely used for backgrounds and various in-game animations. Some games are genuinely competitive and allow the players to organize online battles against each other.


Classic isometric action/RPG that has started the genre of Diablo-like games

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall is a second open-world action RPG in TES series.

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Video Games Released in 1996 features different game engines and provides unique environments in different styles for the players. Most of the projects are available on different platforms; however, players cannot use online game modes with friends that have another platform. They may customize various in-game settings to make the games run on their devices smoothly. Some of the developers may also release updates for the games online, and players have to download them manually and install to add more features and fix various in-game bugs.

Video Games Released in 1996 allow the players to customize in-game control settings, and you may change your abilities and some of the visual effects to make your experience unique. Some projects also feature multiple playable characters that have different skills and playstyles for the players to explore. In some cases, various storyline interactions may also differ for each one of those.

Video Games Released in 1996 are suitable both casual and hardcore players because of the flexibility in choosing the in-game difficulty, and players may also explore different game modes. Multiplayer may include competitive ladders that sort the players by their skill, and that way, each match is always challenging for all the players involved.

Best Video Games Released in 1996

  • Tekken 2 is a fighting game that uses multiple game modes to provide gamers with a genuinely immersive experience. You may choose one of many playable characters to explore different game modes online or solo.
  • Super Mario RPG focuses on the immersive storyline where players control Mario to recover the stolen pieces of an essential artefact. You face different opponents and engage in the combat against powerful bosses.
  • Civilization 2 is a turn-based strategy that allows you to select a nation and control their development through hundreds of years. You may research technologies, trade with others and create war alliances to conquer the entire world.