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Video Games Released in 1998

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Video Games Released in 1998 provide the players with many unique projects that feature 3D models and low-resolution textures, along with immersive storylines and flexible combat systems. Most of the games feature multiple difficulty levels and unique playstyles to choose from, and you can customize specific visual features to enhance the gameplay even further. Different game modes allow you to compete against your friends or strangers and team up with them online by using one device simultaneously.

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Video Games Released in 1998 feature a wide variety of settings which may include an alternative version of the real world, post-apocalyptic environment, space and many others. Some of them allow the players to explore diverse locations freely, and others guide them using the in-game storylines and side activities. The developers implement various ways to interact with the environments by using it in combat and for other plot-related purposes.

Video Games Released in 1998 allow the players to customize specific aspects of the gameplay. You can change various visual effects and characters’ models by unlocking particular rewards. You can also affect multiple gameplay features by customizing your character with unique gear pieces and developing it further to get access to more powerful abilities. Some projects offer a selection of numerous playable heroes that have unique playstyles, and some may have individual interactions with some of the computer-controlled characters or creatures.

Video Games Released in 1998 fit both casual and hardcore players due to a wide range of available game modes. Some of these also have multiple difficulties and unique playstyles, and you can explore them alone or with friends online. Various in-game secrets add more depth to the exploration of the games, and you may have to complete them multiple times to discover all of them.

Best Video Games Released in 1998

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is an ARPG that features an open world for the players to explore and discover the main storyline, along with multiple side challenges. Unique mechanics provide the players with genuinely immersive gameplay.
  • Tekken 3 is an arcade fighting simulator that features various playable characters, story mode and a multiplayer ladder. You may customize the visual outlook of the characters and unlock more through different challenges available.
  • Half-Life is a first-person shooter that challenges the players to perform puzzle-solving and various combat tasks to proceed through the game. The game uses scripted sequences to add more depth to the immersive storyline of the game.