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Video Games Released in 1999

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Video Games Released in 1999 feature several genres and multiple unique environments, in which the players may explore the worlds in various ways. The games use 3D graphics and low-resolution textures, and some of them allow you to customize the settings of different in-game aspects. The players may participate in different single-player game modes, and some projects offer immersive multiplayer experience. A variety of difficulties makes the games accessible for most types of gamers, and additional challenges are there for the most skilled players.

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Video Games Released in 1999 offers various genres that allow the players to experience unique settings and gameplay styles. Some of them may even include several mechanics that provide different playstyles, and storylines often include missions that experiment with the gameplay. You may choose one of numerous playable characters or machines to explore scripted levels or massive open world, and the storylines provide you with a wide range of events around most of the explorable locations.

Video Games Released in 1999 provide the players with multiple customization tools, and you may change visual and gameplay settings. Numerous difficulties are there to satisfy different kinds of players, and they may equip different gear pieces or select from unique characters to customize their playstyles in various ways. Some projects also allow you to upgrade specific abilities by levelling up, improving the equipment or using built-in Skill Trees.

Some games offer the players to challenge others using the multiplayer mode, and it may have specific limitations to provide a balanced experience for everyone. In some cases, there also is a ranked ladder to allow the players to compete against others with a similar skill level.

Best Video Games Released in 1999

  • Soulcalibur is a weapon-based fighting game where players can select from a wide range of available characters with different weapons to face various opponents and progress through the storyline. You may also compete online against other players.
  • Chrono Cross is an RPG that features an open world, which players may explore on foot or by boat. You can find enemies on the global map to encounter them, and multiple activities are available to participate in at any time.
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a skateboarding video game that allows you to control a skater using third-person view and perform various tricks to accumulate points. You can progress through the main plot, which requires you to perform multiple tasks around the maps.