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Video Games Released in 2002

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Best Video Games Released in 2002 provide the players with diverse gameplay styles in multiple genres, and immersive game worlds feature unique environments and numerous opponents. You may customize different aspects of the game, including visuals, various gameplay functions, and controls; these games are usually available on multiple platforms. Immersive storylines take the players through different areas and provide the players with different tools to complete the challenges of various difficulties.

Gothic 2

A continuation of the classic third-person RPG in dark fantasy setting

Divine Divinity

The first instalment in the Divinity series developed by Larian Studios

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is the first 3D game in famous series of fantasy role-playing games.

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Video Games Released in 2002 include the projects of different genres that feature diverse gameplay and unique environment, which include space, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, alternative reality and many others. The games feature 3D graphics along with various 2D elements, and some specific projects use pixelated low-resolution textures to form the environment. You may change these settings to be able to run the games on your device smoothly.

Video Games Released in 2002 provide the players with tools to customize various gameplay aspects, which depend on the genre and the features of the specific project. There are multiple playable characters or vehicles the players can choose from, and in some cases, you can customize them to improve particular characteristics that affect the gameplay. Some of the upgrades may be locked until the players complete specific missions or side challenges.

Video Games Released in 2002 are suitable both for casual and hardcore players due to their diverse in-game mechanics and multiple difficulty settings. The games provide the players with numerous challenges and the storylines, which often include generous rewards. Some of the projects also feature multiplayer modes to enable the players to compete against each other or team up and face the most hardcore challenges.

Best Video Games Released in 2002

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an ARPG that allows the player to explore an alternative version of one of the real American states. Various gameplay types are available, and players may proceed through the storyline to acquire additional rewards.
  • Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is an RTS game that features an immersive storyline, along with the competitive ladder and a large number of custom modifications. You may control one of four races to compete against other players on different maps.
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is an ARPG that features a massive Skill Tree, along with numerous playable races. You may explore the open world freely, along with completing story missions and acquiring valuable gear pieces and other items.