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Video Games Released in 2006

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Video Games Released in 2006 provide the players with unique immersive environments that they can interact with for various in-game mechanics. Players can choose from a wide variety of available characters and change their abilities to suit their playstyle. Different environmental settings offer diverse heroes and mechs to control, and immersive storylines uncover various events from the real world and fantasy universes. The games provide single-player campaigns and numerous multiplayer modes to compete against other players.

Gothic 3

Third part of the famous open-world CRPG in the unique dark fantasy setting

Titan Quest

Classic action RPG based on Ancient Greece and Egypt mythology

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Video Games Released in 2006 provide the players with diverse experience in different settings, such as futuristic, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, medieval and many others. The games offer detailed worlds that use 3D graphics and realistic physics; however, the distinctive feature of some projects is 2D graphics, along with resolution textures. Players may change the quality of the picture by adjusting specific settings on some of the available platforms.

Video Games Released in 2006 have a large number of gameplay styles, which depend on the genre and other features. In most cases, the players can customize various visual aspects of the games, and some of those improvements are rewards for the in-game challenges and achievements. A large number of games offer multiple playable characters that have different abilities, which can be tweaked even more using in-game tools, such as Skill Trees and replaceable equipment.

Video Games Released in 2006 feature multiple difficulties and diverse in-game activities for different kinds of players, such and casual and hardcore gamers. You may complete the games using different approaches, and some projects offer both single-player and multiplayer experience to the players.

Best Video Games Released in 2006

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an ARPG that focuses on various adventures, combat and puzzle-solving. You progress through the immersive storyline to unlock better equipment and more opponents to face.
  • Gears of War is a TPS game that allows the players to interact with the environment to gain an advantage in combat. A wide variety of weapons is available to the players, and they can use specific mechanics to reach the enemies to slay them in melee range.
  • The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is an ARPG that continues the storyline of the series, and the players can explore another province of the in-game universe. You can customize the abilities by interacting with the built-in Skill Tree and by using various objects around the game world.