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Video Games Released in 2007

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Video Games Released in 2007 focus on immersive storylines for the players and various customization aspects to provide a unique experience for the players. High-resolution graphics and realistic physics allow the players to perform multiple actions unavailable to them in reality while being in unrealistic environments. Different game modes offer diverse objectives and features. The players can complete the games alone or with friends online using cooperative missions and compete against each other in various tournaments.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is the first game of the famous series which tells the story about the mysterious Assassin Order.

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More about Video Games Released in 2007

Video Games Released in 2007 allow the players to customize graphic settings in most projects to run them smoothly on most machines. Some games are cross-platform and have specific platform-unique features, and others are exclusive for only one of them. You can change the quality of the textures and resolution, and in some cases, you can adjust other options such as shadows, water and other elements of the environment separately.

Video Games Released in 2007 have various gameplay customization features. You can change the weapons, equip better gear pieces and replace available abilities using different in-game systems. Players can explore the same storyline using different approaches, and that provides a unique experience each time they complete the games. Some of the games have expansion sets that you can purchase separately, and that adds even more content to explore.

Video Games Released in 2007 fit both casual and hardcore players, and you can tweak the difficulty of various in-game aspects. The games offer diverse activities to experience, and the most hardcore challenges provide the participants with the best rewards that grant unique advantages to them. Some games also feature multiplayer modes for the players to compete against each other in using different activities available throughout the games.

Best Video Games Released in 2007

  • BioShock is an FPS game that allows the players to obtain additional abilities by using various roleplaying aspects. The unique setting and immersive storyline provide an outstanding experience for the players.
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an FPS that features a storyline in modern times. The players participate in various mission around the world to protect it and eliminate dangerous radical leaders of a terrorist group.
  • Crysis is an FPS that takes the players to the future where they use unique technologies to fight against an alien invasion. You use futuristic weapons and suits to perform various tricks and shoot unique guns in fights against the invaders.