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Video Games Released in 2021

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Video Games Released in 2021 provide the players with high-quality gameplay and different types of graphics. Most of the projects feature high-resolution textures and 3D models; however, some games focus on 2D environments and have unique types of gameplay. The developers continuously support the games even after the release and add more content to keep the community immersed. Some of the projects also feature in-game shops to allow the players to purchase specific items and consumables to improve their experience even further.

Gothic Remake

A reworked version of the famous classic dark fantasy RPG

Tribes of Midgard

10-player cooperative survival simulator in setting of Norse mythology

Gotham Knights

Upcoming open-world action-RPG game in setting of DC Universe

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Adaptation of the board roleplaying game in the universe of World of Darkness

The Ascent

Indie action RPG-shooter in cyberpunk setting with top-down isometric camera angle

Monster Hunter: Rise

A new open-world action role-playing game in the Monster Hunter series

Scarlet Nexus

Anime-style action-adventure roleplaying game set in the original sci-fi universe

Elden Ring

Action open-world roleplaying computer game developed by FromSoftware

NieR Replicant

Unique Japanese Action/RPG computer game in the universe created by Yoko Taro

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2

Action/RPG immersive sim game with a deep roleplaying system and unique storyline

Final Fantasy XVI

The sixteenth instalment of the famous fantasy action JRPG series Final Fantasy

Hogwarts Legacy

Fantasy open-world action roleplaying game based on the Harry Potter universe

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action RPG by Blizzard Entertainment.

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More about Video Games Released in 2021

Video Games Released in 2021 are available on multiple platforms, and in some cases, players can even experience cross-platform multiplayer modes. You can adjust several in-game settings to customize graphics, controls and other aspects. Players can change the quality of specific visual elements to allow the games to run on their machines smoothly.

Video Games Released in 2021 have numerous customization systems that allow the players to stand out from others. That way, the in-game shops also sell extra skins for different playable characters. Players may complete objectives to unlock achievements and receive unique rewards as well. Some genres offer in-depth customization systems for the abilities and equipment, and that way, the players can create a unique playstyle and make each playthrough unique.

Video Games Released in 2021 fit both casual and hardcore players because of the diversity of difficulties and game modes. The tutorials teach new players the basics and standard movements in the first few missions. That way, players can progress through the story and earn more rewards to customize their experience even further.

Best Video Games Released in 2021

  • Battlefield 6 features dynamic combat in massive military conflicts and realistic graphics that create an immersive experience. Players can customize their characters and weapons progressing through the in-game story.
  • Kerbal Space Program 2 is a space simulator where players control a race of aliens that can construct complicated mechanisms to interact with various space objects. You can customize anything you want and change other gameplay aspects.
  • Sherlock Holmes Chapter One features an immersive story of the young detective who tries to investigate his mother’s death. You have many gameplay aspects to use during each mission, and free exploration allows you to find clues and complete objectives differently.