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Games with Scythe Weapons and Class

Games with Scythe Class allow you to select a character, which uses this tool to fight against creatures and other players. The Class focuses on performing various combinations of attacks to slice the opponents and parry incoming manoeuvres. Such characters are usually fast and agile, and they focus on melee combat. Therefore, Scythe Classes may be weak against magicians and other ranged heroes. The games offer the players to customize their abilities and other equipment; however, most of them require you to wield a scythe to be activated. Dynamic and close combat represents the core gameplay of Games with Scythe Weapons.

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More about Games with Scythe Weapons and Class

In the Games with Scythe Weapons, players may use that tool in combat to perform quick slicing attacks and dodge incoming swings. Such classes are primary melee agile attackers, and they are vulnerable to ranged characters. Magicians and bow users can easily control Scythe Classes and damage them from a distance; however, they shine and perform a series of devastating attacks in the melee range. Most of the abilities require such characters to wield a scythe, and you can also customize their characteristics and various visual attributes to stand out.

Scythe Weapons have multiple unique attacks and animations, and in some games, you can pull and push enemies in combat to perform other attacks or avoid damage. In most cases, Games with Scythe Classes feature a fantasy universe. Even though scythe originally is an agricultural tool, death itself wields it as a weapon. That way, adding such characters to the games makes the atmosphere more mysterious and dark. The players can use this weapon to participate in melee combat, and that playstyle is often effective against other melee classes due to its versatility and broad reach.

Best Games with Scythe Weapons and Class

  • Black Desert Online is an MMORPG in which the players have access to a wide range of weapons. Some classes can wield scythes to outperform enemies in melee combat using special attacks and combinations.
  • Guild Wars Online is a multiplayer game with a wide selection of classes. One of them focuses on scythes, and you can become a Reaper by progressing through the game and obtaining a fitting weapon.
  • Dark Age of Camelot is a hardcore project, and multiple classes use a scythe to battle the enemies. Such characters have different abilities depending on their faction, and you can customize your avatar of death in numerous ways.