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Video Games with Summoner Class

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Video Games provide the players with a wide range of available abilities and perks, and some of them are locked behind a specific class. Some characters may perform summoning magic to control friendly servants to gain an advantage in battle or perform other tasks. The games even provide the players with available items, which spell to conjure various creatures to aid the summoner in combat. The gameplay in Video Games with Summoner Class focuses on micromanaging both the character and its summons to complete numerous objectives.

Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is a legendary action/role-playing game in hack-and-slash genre.

Diablo 3

An Action/RPG game in the genre of Dark Fantasy developed by Blizzard Enterteinment.

Video Games with Summoner Class List

More about Video Games with Summoner Class

Video Games with Summoner Class often allow the players to choose a character preset with a unique visual style and skills. One of such heroes focuses its abilities to summon and control various mythical creatures, demons, undead, elementals and many others. The setting of the game decides what kinds of servants are available. Some can only perform simple tasks, but others can conjure complex spells and participate in battles by themselves. Calling for a loyal servant requires a lot of resources from the characters. In some games, it can be mana or other energy and various consumables and items.

Video Games with Summoner Class allow the players to focus on micromanaging multiple characters at once and have access to additional interface panels to give their summons specific orders and check their condition in real-time. It can be much more difficult for new players to do so for multiple entities at once. The players can use their pets to protect the master at all costs because it is possible to summon a new one if the old one dies. However, such characters heavily rely on their minions and cannot access most of their abilities without them. Some games even allow you to customize the gear and skills of multiple types of summons for a single character.

Best Video Games with Summoner Class

  • Diablo 3 is an RPG in which the players can play as Necromancer. That class focuses on summoning the dead companions to aid him in battle, and the players have numerous perks to increase the power of such summons.
  • RF Online is an MMORPG that allows the players to choose one of the multiple classes, and one of them focuses on numerous summonable creatures to aid in battle and protect the sorcerer from attacks.
  • World of Warcraft provides the players with multiple classes and various types of summonable servants. Some archetypes can temporarily conjure a massive demon or an elemental, and others have a permanent beast and demon pets.