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Greek Mythology RPG Games for PC

Art for Greek Mythology RPG Games for PC

Greek Mythology RPG Games inspired by stories about the famous Gods of Greece and their home, Olympus, where they live and rule over the entire planet. They grant mortals various powers and supernatural artefacts to affect their destinies, and in some cases, they come down from to visit them. Players explore the virtual worlds and interact with them during various journeys, and many of the side activities involve mythical beasts and legendary creatures from the Tales. In some projects, players may control some of the Gods to affect the fate of humanity. Very often, these projects also feature real historical personalities, such as ancient Greek philosophers, creators, warriors, and commanders.


Indie roguelike action RPG game inspired by the Ancient Greece Mythology

Titan Quest

Classic action RPG based on Ancient Greece and Egypt mythology

Immortals Fenyx: Rising

A new open-world action game based on ancient Greek myths

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a colossal open-world action RPG in setting of Ancient Greece.

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More about Greek Mythology RPG Games

Greek Mythology RPG Games take their inspiration in the mysterious tales of the past, which describe a group of Gods that lives on Olympus and occasionally interfere in the life of mortals. Their history is full of different events, which somehow affect the entire world, and in some cases, they use mortals as their tool to reach their goals. The players may control both Gods and mortal, depending on the game, and they can participate in various events that may decide the destiny of the whole virtual world. Various activities include battles, stealth missions and other events.

Greek Mythology RPG Games allow the players to customize various in-game settings, visuals and gameplay aspects. You may create a new character or use the premade one to explore the worlds, and their equipment may be customized in various ways. It affects the attributes of the characters; therefore, you need to fight more powerful enemies to acquire better items. Skill Trees allow you to tweak specific abilities to fit your playstyle more, and that way, both casual and hardcore players can find some kinds of activities to enjoy in the games of the genre. Various in-game events usually have a connection with numerous tales from Greek Mythology, and players may meet familiar characters and participate in known activities of the alternative version of the past.

Best Greek Mythology RPG Games

  • Hades is a computer game in the roguelike and action/RPG genres, developed and released by American studio Supergiant Games. The plot of the game is based on ancient Greek mythology: the protagonist Zagrei, son of Hades, tries to escape from the underworld kingdom of the dead and reach Mount Olympus. This Greek Mythology RPG features procedurally generated locations, which can be explored by players. All of the places on the map linked together by a variety of scenes and dialogues that reveal the game's backstory and the relationships of the Greek god characters.
  • Titan Quest is an Action/RPG and hack-and-slash computer game developed by Iron Lore Entertainment that tells the story of a nameless hero's quest against three titanic creatures of the Telchin. The plot of this Greek Mythology RPG is divided into three acts, and the game world, respectively, into three large areas: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Ancient East, as well as the final location, Olympus.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action RPG in an open world based on ancient Greek myths. This Greek Mythology RPG is a light-hearted adventure on a fairy-tale island where the ancient Greek gods and demigods live. The task of the protagonist, Phoenix, is to explore the five large territories of the island, enlist the support of other heroes and gods, giving them some help beforehand, and chase away the powerful Typhon.
  • Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is a multiplatform computer game in the Action/RPG genre, the events of which are set in the era of Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War. Odyssey is a Greek Mythology RPG, so not only real historical figures, philosophers, generals and creators will meet in the game, but also the gods of Olympus and other mythical creatures.