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Idle MMORPG Art for EnyGames

The most numerous auditory of video games belongs to casual players, who prefer simple video games with relaxing gameplay. Idle MMORPG is the best choice for this type of gamers: these video games have many automatic functions, which doesn't require many time and efforts or even simplify the main mechanics. Usually, idle mechanics are used in craft system or resource extraction; the main feature of them is that you can send your hero to produce resources and leave the game until the project is done.

My Soul

My Soul is a browser action MMORPG in setting of SoulCalibur.


RPG MO is an indie sandbox MMORPG.

Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes is an indie dungeon crawler pixel MMORPG.

Ragnarok Journey

Ragnarok Journey is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG.

Hunter x Hunter Online

Hunter x Hunter Online is a free-to-play anime-based MMORPG.

Sacred Saga Online

Sacred Saga Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game, developed by GameHollywood.


A turn-based 2D MMORPG game, developed by NGames.

Sword Art Online's Legend

Sword Art Online's Legend is a free-to-play anime MMORPG browser game.

Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy is a 2D browser-based MMORPG developed by KoramGame.

Naruto Online

Naruto Online is a browser-based anime MMORPG, developed by Bandai Namco and Oasis Games.

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics


Wartune is a browser turn-based fantasy MMORPG with SLG elements, developed by 7Road studio.


Mythborne is a point-and-click fantasy browser-based MMORPG in the setting of Ancient Greece.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG in fantasy style, developed by R2Games.

League of Angels

League of Angels is a browser-based 2D fantasy MMORPG with the elements of SLG.

Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals is a browser side-scrolling adventure MMORPG, developed by R2Games.


Необычная MMORPG про волшебников с множеством различных классов и игровых активностей

Omega Zodiac

Omega Zodiac is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG inspired by Greek and Norse mythologies.

Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken is a browser-based MMORPG developed by Game Hollywood.

SAO's Legend

Unique browser-based MMORPG, distributed according to the free-to-play model.


Art for Idle MMORPG Category

More About Idle MMORPG

The classic type of Idle video games are unlikely to be seen because of the incompatibility of the core mechanics: roleplaying games rarely can provide an opportunity to release the gameplay in the form of the simple clicker. Still, this system can have different simplified and re-worked realisations, used for specific parts of the gameplay — usually, idle mechanics used for resource production and craft. Typically, there are two types of this system used in RPG, which differs only with one feature: it can require the player's presence or not.

Most of the Idle MMORPG can require you to be involved in gameplay, especially during the extraction of different materials. You have to maintain the process by clicking. Sometimes your goal is to fill a specific scale by clicking, or keep the particular rhythm until your character's action is completed. It's quite dynamic and immersive, primarily when it used for systems like fishing: you can spend hours clicking until you loot the item which you were expected.

At the same time, some Idle MMORPG offer an opportunity to use the automatic version of the idle system. Usually, it's not as profitable as manually controlled resource extraction. Still, it allows players to receive much more items with less effort. It's often used in craft system, which helps to automatize the gameplay. Usually, you can't do something else while your hero is busy with resource extraction. Still, other automatic systems often provide players with an opportunity to be involved in different activities during the craft, skill development and other auto-mechanics.

Best Idle MMORPG

  • RuneScape has many automatic activities, mostly based on skills of resource production. Many of them require only a few clicks in a long period, so you have an opportunity to develop your character with the lowest effort.
  • Black Desert Online has an entirely automatic fishing function, which is very immersive and relaxing.
  • EVE Online is a colossal game with many sophisticated mechanics, but the core feature of it requires you to improve your hero's skills automatically.