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Indie RPG Games for PC

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Indie RPG Games are developed by smaller studios that don't have large budgets to spend on various features. Most of the time, the games feature simplified graphics and distributed through digital platforms. However, the developers aren't limited by the financial pressure of larger companies, and that's why they can experiment and involve innovative mechanics in their games. This creative approach provides games which mix typical role-playing elements with innovative mechanics affected by new decisions and concepts.

Dungeon Lords

Classic third-person roleplaying game set in the fantasy universe

9th Dawn II

Indie open-world dungeon crawler RPG set in the dark fantasy universe


Indie 3D isometric RPG game set in the dark fantasy universe

Hollow Knight

2D action-adventure roguelike metroidvania with souls-like elements

SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising

Hardcore isometric roguelike shooter in sci-fi setting

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an isometric action roleplaying game in fantasy setting

Stardew Valley

Indie roleplaying video game in a farming simulator genre

Atom RPG

Tactial roleplaying indie game in post-apocalyptic Soviet Wasteland


Indie roguelike action RPG game inspired by the Ancient Greece Mythology

Tribes of Midgard

10-player cooperative survival simulator in setting of Norse mythology

Heroes of Hammerwatch

An action rogue-like role-playing adventure game

Wizard of Legend

An indie roguelike RPG in fantasy setting

Crypt of the NecroDancer

A hardcore rhytm game in roguelike genre

ARCANIUM: Rise of Akhan

An indie fantasy single-player strategy card game with roguelike RPG elements

Frozen Flame

An action/RPG with survival elements and immersive storyline


An indie turn-based strategy with RPG elements and multiplayer gameplay


Terraria is a 2D Pixel MMO with perfect sandbox system and beautiful visuals.

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More about Indie RPG Games

Indie RPG Games usually feature simplified graphics; however, the wide variety of available stylistics allows the developers to create unique detailed worlds without using high-resolution textures. These games often provide the top-down view for the players, and in some cases, you are offered a few scripted scenes that are tied to the main storyline.

Most of the standard role-playing aspects are there for the players, and you may customize your abilities and equipment. In some of the games, you may even create a custom character along with choosing a set of starting skills. The players may explore the world, fight against various creatures, level up to increase characteristics and obtain better gear to increase the power of the characters. In most cases, you may tweak the abilities using a skill tree which allows creating a unique playstyle.

Indie RPG Games often allow the players to experiment with various in-game mechanics, and that makes many usually unavailable interactions possible. The games fit both casual and hardcore players because the basic mechanics are simple; however, being good at these games require the players to practice a lot and learn most of the content and how to complete it in the most efficient ways.

Best Indie RPG Games

  • Stardew Valley is an Indie RPG game that provides you with a farm at the beginning of the experience to develop it. You may travel and discover various equipment pieces to upgrade both the character and the farm.
  • Undertale is an Indie game that places you underground where you have to fight your way through dungeons and caves to escape. You may use different tactics and combat abilities to succeed in battles and complete the game.
  • Steamworld Heist is an Indie RPG game that allows you to become a captain of the Steamworld pirate ship, and you may explore the world to fight various enemies to obtain loot and upgrades using turn-based combat mechanics.