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Japanese culture can be a source of unique art decisions when it comes to mythology and history. The cultural background of the country tells many exciting and terrifying stories that are unique in their core. Modern Japanese innovations, such as anime and manga, can also be considered a cultural layer that influences the game industry very heavily. Mass-media products inspire most of the Japanese TCG Games in the face of tv-series and books, rather than mythology.

Kantai Collection

Japanese browser game about military vessels in form of anime girls

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Card game in the universe of Dragon Ball series

Heart of Crown PC

Anime TCG game with strategy elements

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Hardcore TCG in setting of Yu-Gi-Oh! series

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Online duel game in setting of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Shadowverse CCG

Anime-style TCG with PvE and PvP content

Art for Japanese TCG Games List

More about Japanese TCG Games

You don’t have to be a keen sociable person to play card games with other people. Nowadays, digital analogues provide a wide range of projects to choose from. Trading card games became a trend among the community not a long time ago, so the genre is still evolving to become better and better. Trading cards competitions moved online, granting a chance to take part to everyone who wishes to.

Anime, like the aspect of culture, is an original and astonishing contemporary Japanese art form. It possesses an appealing visual style, and that aesthetics caters to the gaming world audience. Japanese TCG Games often bring appealing, colourful visuals with plenty of special effects and scenery. Attractive cartoon characters are pleasant for the eyes of the beholder, and collecting even more of them brings a new feeling to the experience of a card game. It brings a unique experience in an ordinary card game.

The gameplay usually starts with a tutorial where players explore the functions of the game and their starting deck. It includes the starting creatures and spells that can beat weak enemies. Monster cards have an attack and defence stat in some cases, as well as special effects that can be applied during the turn. Spell and effect cards use unique characteristics, and they can help you by increasing your statistics, destroying other cards, drawing cards from your deck, etc. Each participant possesses a certain amount of starting health points that must be downed to zero.

An essential part of experiencing Japanese TCG Games lies in collecting the cards and building a perfect deck. Appealing visuals grant even more motivation to acquire more and more examples of colourful playing cards. Most of the time, this feature becomes a reason for many gamers to keep enjoying the project and glance at their collection. It is essential to mention that this genre supports a market that allows for selling and buying the cards needed. These TCG Games also support stores that sell items for real currency.

Best Japanese TCG Games

  • Heart of Crown PC is a deck-building online card game with multiplayer modes and single-player campaign scenarios.
  • Shadowverse is an AAA turn-based TCG concentrated on multiplayer battles.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is an anime-inspired online trading card game featuring duels mode and single campaign.