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We live in an era of computer technology. The constant evolution of programming languages, breakthroughs in the field of creating processors and video cards, all this not only opens up the game developers but also forces ordinary users to upgrade their PC to meet the requirements of new products. Or, to get out and look for among a multitude of projects, those that can carry away for a long time and be not particularly costly in resources. One of the most popular choices falls on the low spec MMORPG.

RF Online

RF Online is a sci-fi MMORPG, in which technology and magic are closely intertwined, pushing thre

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online was released in 2002 in South Korea.

This genre does not shine with an advanced level of graphics, detail, and animation. Also, it can not afford a vast, seamless world, complex mechanics that require decent computational power. And yet, the low spec MMORPG captures in its way. And for developers, there is a whole range of possibilities on which to focus. For example, interesting PvE content will allow players to join stories with each other, which may even be better than a reading book. Or enter a variety of game modes, so that everyone can find something to do to their liking, be it in arena fights, participation in festivals or craft activities.

Sometimes you may wonder how widespread the low spec MMORPG can be, despite its flaws in the form of graphics or some trivial details. Lineage 2, a Korean MMORPG, was just a bomb at the dawn of multiplayer games. It had everything that gamers could dream of: a decent PvP system, an abundance of classes for every taste, profession, all sorts of picks, even the plot was perceived warmly. At the moment, there are as many as three Lineage clients, one of which is Classic, which bears the game as it was almost ten years ago. Others, Fafurion and Essence, are designed for a relatively new audience because it hosts modern chronicles, and the gameplay is to some degree.

It was exciting to see The Lord of the Rings Online on the low spec MMORPG market. Because not every day, there is a game based on the universe of the famous novel. For the most part, it focuses on PvE, which allows the player to explore this fascinating world without annoying clashes with other characters, but PvP is also quite interesting. There are many mechanics in the game, unlike other projects: the effect of completed chains of actions on the character's further characteristics, restrictions on the choice of individual classes and races, and pumping legendary equipment through use. For those who like to fight on the side of Sauron, there is even a PvMP mode (Player versus Monster-Player), not always the heroes win.