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Mage RPG Games for PC

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Mage RPG Games focus on various supernatural abilities that are available both for players and their opponents. The enemies usually can perform different kinds of attacks; however, the core aspect is that the players may use and develop their magical powers to be able to succeed in most scenarios. The typical role-playing elements are also there, and there are various ways how to improve the available sorceries. Most gear pieces may affect that in different ways, which offer even more ways of customization.

Hollow Knight

2D action-adventure roguelike metroidvania with souls-like elements

Tales of Vesperia

Classic adventure Japanese Action RPG game set in the fantasy anime universe

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is an atmospheric Japanese RPG game made in anime-inspired style

Tales of Zestiria

Anime-inspired Japanese Action-RPG game with action combat system


Isometric old-school styled RPG with immersive nonlinear gameplay

Gothic 2

A continuation of the classic third-person RPG in dark fantasy setting

Baldur's Gate 3

A long-awaited continuation of the classic fantasy RPG series in Dungeons & Dragons setting


Classic isometric action/RPG that has started the genre of Diablo-like games

Divinity II: Ego Draconis

The third part of the famous fantasy action / RPG Divinity

Divine Divinity

The first instalment in the Divinity series developed by Larian Studios

Fable 3

An open world Action / RPG fantasy game with a deep storyline and non-linear gameplay

Beyond Divinity

An old-school diablo-like isometric RPG featuring an in-depth roleplaying system

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

A single-player action / RPG set in the Lord of the Rings universe

Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 6

Chinese RPG with Dual Combat System developed by the Softstar Entertainment

Dragon Age II

Sequel of the famous dark fantasy roleplaying game with deep storline and huge living world

Dragon Age: Origins

Single-player dark fantasy roleplaying game developed by Bioware

Hogwarts Legacy

Fantasy open-world action roleplaying game based on the Harry Potter universe

Risen 3: Titan Lords

Fantasy action role-playing video game with a vast open world, immersive storyline and deep character customization

Risen 2: Dark Waters

Dark fantasy role-playing game set in the universe of the Risen series


Third-person fantasy roleplaying game inspired by dark fantasy RPG Gothic


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More about Mage RPG Games

Mage RPG Games allow the players to focus on their supernatural talents and abilities, and different mechanics affect it. The core is the resource system, and in most cases, it's mana; however, some games feature something different. It is required to perform most of the abilities that have different costs. That allows players to use the strategic approach, and you need to plan how to defeat the enemies before you run out of mana. Some projects offer consumables to replenish it, and various gear pieces may increase your maximum amount and regeneration rates.

In most games, the magic contains different natural elements such as water, fire, earth and others. Players may focus on one of them or combine a few to discover more interactions. The skill trees usually feature one of the elements each, and players may develop the one that fits their playstyle the best. Sometimes you also can interact with the environment; for example, you may freeze the water, or burn the grass to create obstacles and prevent the enemies from reaching you.

Mage RPG Games offer many different playstyles, and players may customize it even further with equipment and surrounding objects. They fit both casual and hardcore players because of the flexibility and immersive gameplay.

Best Mage RPG Games

  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a role-playing game that features full character customization, and you can search for different abilities in the game world. You may create the mage archetype, and there are various magic elements to use.
  • Gothic 2 is a role-playing game that allows you to build different character archetypes. One of them is a mage, and you may use different magic to heal, deal damage and use other forces to manipulate your surroundings.
  • Divinity: Original Sin is a role-playing game that allows you to combine different magic elements, use the environment and create deadly traps for the enemies. There are dozens of possible interactions that fit different opponents.