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Mech MMORPG Games List

Screen with 2 robots fighting from Mech MMORPG

Japanese culture influenced video games much. Many projects are developed inspired by various creations of this outstanding nations. For example, one of the most grandiose and recognizable genres is Mech MMORPG, an idea that centre on giant human-like robots and ultimate battle machines. Mechs can vary in size, appearance and background, have different types of using; they use different weapons, skills and power sources. Many projects of this setting are based on the Gundam universe.


Perpetuum was a mech sci-fi MMORPG with player-driven economics.

MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online is a MMO shooter game in genre of mech simulator.


One of the most famous mecha MMOFPS with unusual game universe in the setting of science fiction.


The project is developed and published by Digital Extremes.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a sci-fi survival MMOFPS in retro stylistic.

Ingame Screen from Project Genome Mech MMORPG

More About Mech MMORPG

The idea of this setting has the Japanese origin. Mechs are robot-like humanoid machines. There are different types of these weapons in the games, and the most popular features them as suits that can be piloted as usual vehicles. Mechs can use guns and melee weapons, that makes them extremely useful in combat. They’re much larger than the average person, some of them even can be as large as a skyscraper or even bigger.

In most Mech MMORPG, players are allowed to own a bipedal machine, that can be customized and improved. The upgrading of weapons is one of the essential mechanics: players can install the most effective guns, shields, elements of the decoration and other improvements, relying only on their taste preferences. This feature offers access to the most pleasant and flexible system of development and smooth gameplay. Very often, players can choose between different types of weapons: some of the robots can fight only on the ground, while others can fly or even enter the open space.

In most cases, Mech MMORPG offer this feature as a unique battle machine. In these universes, mechs are the usual force of military; they perform the role of the mechanical cavalry. Most of the video games provide players with exciting duel combats or group battles of mech users. The robotic weapons can be a core part of the gameplay, like in Gundam series; either way, developers can choose to add mech as a tool for specific playable classes.

Best Mech MMORPG

  • MechWarrior Online is a shooter video game that provides an opportunity to create a unique weapon, customize it and compete with other players in various tournaments.
  • Warframe is a sci-fi project, featuring a parkour system, dynamic combat and many playable classes. The characters of the game look more like an exoskeleton than classic mecha.
  • RF Online is an outstanding game in mech setting, with immersive RvR system and fast active battles. It has a bit outdated graphics, but the gameplay is excellent even through years.