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MMO From 2003

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2003 was a year of sci-fi videogames: the Star Wars Galaxies, Entropia Universe and Eve Online are the most famous examples of successful projects. These cosmic MMOs are still especially successful and famous for its realistic economics and the colossal amount of gameplay features. The Asian developers also excelled: one of the well-known Korean MMO from 2003 is Lineage 2, an old-school hardcore MMORPG in a fantasy setting — it's still maintained and developed, and there are several different versions of it.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a MMORPG in sci-fi setting, featuring the outstanding economic system .

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world that provides unique roleplaying opportunities.

EVE Online

EVE Online is a social space-based sci-fi MMORPG in the genre of spaceship simulator.

Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is one of the most popular fantasy MMORPGs since 2003